Teddy Bear Day- 9th September National Teddy Bear Day 2019

Today is Teddy Bear Day. Every Year, all peoples are celebrating  National Teddy Bear Day. Every year the peoples are celebrating National Teddy Bear Day. So, In this Year the National Teddy Bear Day Celebrate these people 9th September 2019. It’s the most popular festival in the World. Here, You can also Download this Day Images, to update your Social Media Status and more on this Day.

Teddy Bear Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Image:

  • The teddy bear is the sign that you will always be mine….. I would always keep you close to my heart and always love you like no one else because my world starts with you and ends with you….. Wishing you a very Happy Teddy Bear Day my darling.
  • I want to gift a teddy to the most special person in my life, around whom revolves my life and who will one day will be my wife….. With lots of love and hugs, I want to wish you the Happiest Teddy Day my sweetheart.
  • The warmth of your hug and the spark of your smile make my regular day special…. On this Teddy Day, I want to hold you tight in my arms and never let you go because you are cuter than the Teddy…… Happy Teddy Day!!!

  • I wish you are always around me like my cute Teddy Bear so that I can always hug you close to me and sleep…. I wish you a very Happy Teddy Day my love and I wish our love grows with each passing day.
  • I know you can never hurt me because you are as adorable and as warm as a Teddy Bear…. I want to be in your arms all my life and have you as my Teddy Bear for life….. With lots of love, I wish you a very Happy Teddy Bear Day.
  • Friends are like teddy as they can make you forget all the dull moments and can fill your life with smiles…. Happy Teddy Bear Day to my friend.

  • Teddy is to love and you are to me….. When I am in your arms, I am the happiest because you are my sweet teddy….. Best wishes on Teddy Bear Day.
  • There is no teddy as sweet as my Husband and I find myself to be the luckiest lady to have a sweetheart like you….. Warm wishes on Teddy Bear Day to my Husband.
  • No matter where I go, you are always on my mind and in my heart….. No matter where I am busy, a part of me is always thinking about you…. No matter how long is the distance between us, you are always close to my heart. Sending you hugs and kisses on Teddy Bear Day.

  • Today I want to tell you that you are my cute little teddy bear and I would love to your adorable teddy bear. I want to hold you tight in my arms and want to keep you close to my heart. Wishing you lots of love and happiness on Teddy Bear Day my love!!!!
  • When a smile can make your day….. When someone can read your eyes without you speaking a word….. When someone can touch your heart even from a distance….. Such is the power of love and that’s what you make me feel like. Wishing you a very warm and Happy Teddy Bear Day.

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