Subarna Express Train Schedule 2022 -Ticket Price, Off Day, Stoppage & Facilities

Subarna Express is one of the intercity trains in Bangladesh. This train travels from Dhaka to Chittagong. This train travels only from Dhaka to Chittagong and from Chittagong to Dhaka route. Only one stop is available. This train gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh as it is the first luxury train and nonstop intercity train in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Dhaka and Chittagong are the two largest cities. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh due to which people travel more. On the other hand, Chittagong is the capital of the commercial area. Many people travel to Chittagong. So the two cities are much bigger. If you are new to go from Dhaka to Chittagong. Then you can travel by Subarna Express train. If you want to know the details about it, you have to read the entire post carefully.

The Subarna Express train is the top level intercity train in Bangladesh. It was first launched on the Pohela Baishakh of 1998. Boishakh is the first month of the Bengali year and the train was launched on the first day. From the day the train was launched, the number of passengers of this train has been increasing day by day and it has gained the reputation of the train. Many people travel on this train regularly. The Subarna Express carries several thousand people every day. So everyone is interested to know about Subarna Express. We will give you detailed information about Subarna Express Stoppage, schedule, ticket price and other benefits.

Subarna Express Train Schedule 2021

The current train schedule is being changed and updated on each route. Therefore, it is very important for the passengers to know about the train schedule. Every passenger should take a good look at the train schedule before traveling by train. It is very necessary and mandatory for the passenger who will buy a ticket in this train to know the train schedule. Because if you have no idea about the train schedule. You may miss the train and reach your destination. From here you can find the updated schedule and valuable information of Subarna Express train.

Start Time End  Time Route Train Number
07:00 AM 12:20 PM Chittagong to Dhaka 702
04:30 PM 09:50 PM Dhaka to Chittagong 701

Subarna Express Train Ticket Price

In comparison, the ticket price for the Subarna Express from Dhaka to Chittagong is very low. Both elegant chairs and soft chairs can be found on this train. So you can easily buy tickets of two categories. The price of ticket for Shovan Chair is 355 taka per seat and the price of Snigdha ticket is 673 taka per seat. You can purchase tickets online and at the ticket counter. Do you know how to buy tickets online? If you do not know, you can buy train tickets online from the website And follow our guidelines.

Subarna Express Facilities

The Subarna Express train is the first luxury train in Bangladesh and you will get all kinds of facilities in this train. We believe you will get maximum benefits in this train. You will be able to enjoy many special benefits, which we will let you know. You will find all the facilities that are usually available on intercity trains, along with some extra facilities. However, we will inform and inform you about the significant benefits today. You will get the following benefits of Subarna Express.

  • Prayer room
  • Food canteen
  • AC and nonAC are offered.
  • Special toilet
  • First aid box

The funniest thing and the biggest advantage is that this train does not take a break in the middle of any road like intercity train and runs very fast. Since there is no stopover. So it reaches the destination very easily and in a very short time. This train only stops at one station. Traveling from Dhaka to Chittagong will save you valuable time and your trip will be very enjoyable.


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