Sonya AC Bus Dhaka- Tangail- Dhaka Schedule, Counterter Address ,Ticket Booking & Counter Number

Sonya AC bus is one of the most popular buses from Dhaka to Tangail. Sonia AC bus counter address, bus schedule, ticket counter number, all these details you will find in our post. I am discussing in detail about Sonia AC bus from Dhaka to Tangail route. Earlier we wrote about Sakal Shanda Enterprise. Sonia AC bus is an alternative bus to this route. Most of the passengers of AC bus go in this bus. People from Tangail and Dhaka travel by Sonia AC bus regularly and most of the time. A study has found that everyone from Dhaka to Tangail commutes more in the morning and evening Enterprise and Sonia AC buses. So Sonia AC bus is best for traveling on Tangail Road.

The Sonya AC bus ticket counter and the Sakal Shanda ticket counter are located at the same place. There are ticket counters for this car everywhere. So we will let you know the Sonia car schedule, ticket price, counter contact number, ticket booking system and other information that you need to know.

Sonya Enterprise AC Bus Ticket Price (Dhaka Tangail- Dhaka)

Sonya Enterprise AC bus ticket price is only 250 taka. At this price you can travel in both directions from Dhaka to Tangail and from Tangail to Dhaka route. When leaving Tangail for Dhaka by car, Tangail started its journey by car from the new bus stand. On the other hand, when leaving Dhaka for Tangal, Khaleq Petrol Pump started its journey from Mirpur to Tangal. It runs from the bus station once per hour. So don’t worry. You can buy tickets from the ticket counter. You can book any problem and ticket by contacting the number below. You can also book tickets online.

250 Tk

Sonya AC bus Ticket Counter Number

You can buy your own ticket from your local counter as required. People from different locations collect the required tickets from their nearest Sonya AC ticket counter. We will give you the number of each ticket counter. From where you can purchase tickets from the ticket counter of any location as per your requirement. You can also find tickets online. So no worries, you can buy tickets from the counter where you want to buy tickets.

Counter Location Contact Number
Khaleque Pump, Dhaka 01724592058; 01704811006
Dhaka Baipail Counter 01797178797; 01912081358
Tangail New Bus Stand 01977178797; 01912081358

Sonya AC Bus will be airlifted from Dhaka to Tangail by road. So you need to call the above number to know the schedule, ticket and other information of Sonya AC bus. If you call, you will get everything resolved. If you call the numbers above, you can easily book and cancel your ticket. One thing to keep in mind is to contact the nearest ticket counter to book and cancel your ticket. You can reach your destination at a very affordable price by traveling on this bus. If you need more information, please let us know, we will try to respond to your comments. We look forward to hearing from you and trying to find a solution.


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