Sony Xperia Pro X2 : Release Date,Price, Space, Features, Design & Full Specifications

Sony Xperia Pro X2: Release Date, Price, Space, Features, Design & Full Specifications! Sony Xperia is a well-known mobile phone brand and very popular all over the world. Today we will talk about a new handset from Sony called Sony Xperia Pro 2 2021. It is a very powerful and technologically advanced smartphone. There are many Sony Xperia customers in the world, making these quality flowers for those customers. Customers are going to be a better phone.

At present, if you go to your local market, you will find many mobile phones. But Sony Xperia is one of them. Because Sony Xperia makes phones using advanced technology, skilled technicians and good parts. Due to which many customers are waiting for Sony phones.

Sony Xperia Authority has released some information about this phone. We have collected that information and will share it with you. In this phone you will get 6000 mAh battery, 48mp main camera, 12gb RAM. If you want to know more about the phone. Then we have to read the whole post and below we have arranged it nicely. You just have to look carefully.

Sony Xperia Pro 2: Release Date

Do you know when this phone will hit the market? Sony Xperia has not officially provided any information on when Phonetic will hit the market. However, we hope that the phone will be available in the market soon. Sony Xperia Pro 2 release date is at the end of the year.

Sony Xperia Pro 2 2021: Full Specifications

Since the smartphone has received a lot of acceptance from customers. So you need to know about the importance of this smartphone. Important parts are display, camera, battery, connectivity, RAM and ROM etc. The parts are discussed in detail below.


The core of a smartphone is the display. Because there are all kinds of problems, it is a display that keeps the smartphone very good. This smartphone will have a 6.7 inch IPS LCD 4k resolution display. This smartphone has a long 21.9 ratio. A gorilla glass has also been used to protect this smartphone. The glass used in this smartphone is Corning Gorilla Glass 6.


If you want to use a high capacity Bra battery then you can take it from this phone. This handset comes with a huge 6000 mAh battery capacity. Charges up very fast and the battery is charged through the wireless charger and the battery charge is long lasting.


When a smartphone comes on the market, everyone keeps an eye on the camera. So the main camera of this handset is 48mp with LED flash. An 8 MP ultraviolet camera is provided and an exclusive selfie camera is provided. There is a 16 MP selfie camera for taking good pictures.


Different types of apps are currently used to collect different types of software and information. So in this handset you will get 12 GB / 16 GB RAM. On the other hand you will get 256GB / 512GB internal storage. There are also Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G mobile platforms, which will be the latest and fastest.

Sony Xperia Pro 2: Price

We said at the beginning of the post that this phone is an upcoming phone. So there is no official information about the price of this phone. But I will share with you an expected price. Sony Xperia Pro 2 Price is $ 1250 ~ Rs. 89990.

Sony Xperia Pro 2 Price is $ 1250 ~ Rs. 89990.

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