Sony Xperia 8 Lite : Release Date, Price, Space, Features, Design & Full Specifications

Sony Xperia 8 Lite: Release Date, Price, Space, Features, Design & Full Specifications! Sony Xperia is currently a popular smartphone all over the world. Sony Xperia is doing business on a large scale because smart phones are made by experienced technicians. Advanced processors and technology are used. So customers are always waiting for the release of a new smartphone. Let’s talk about a new smartphone. Its name is Sony Xperia 8 Lite . It is an upcoming smartphone and powerful. Many customers are waiting in the world to get the phone. When will the phone come in the market. So this smartphone will be in the hands of the customers very soon.

If you go to the local market, you will see that there are many smart phones. But Sony Xperia is one of them. Because Sony Xperia quality is very good. Phones are made using experienced technicians and quality technology for each of their products. That is why this handset is acceptable to the customer.

This new handset is a powerful and updated version of the smart phone. So in this phone you will get 4GB RAM, 2870 mAh battery, 64GB ROM, 6 inch display and much more. If you are interested in buying the phone, then you need to know the details about the phone. We will tell the details about the phone. You are invited to read this post.

Sony Xperia 8 Lite Release Date:

Customers are very much in favor of getting this phone. So when will the smartphone come in the market. Many people are curious about the phone. It is an upcoming smartphone, so it will be marketed soon. Sony Xperia has not officially given any information as to when the smartphone will be marketed. Sony Xperia 8 Lite Release Date is 20 November 2020.

Sony Xperia 8 Lite: Full Specifications

A smartphone has many important parts. Those displays, batteries, cameras, connectivity, etc. will be discussed in detail below.


Sony’s new handset has a 6-inch LCD panel with full HD screen resolution display. That, of course, is a big display. Many people love big displays. So Corning Gorilla Glass 6 has been used to protect this handset.


Sony has a lot of battery capacity in all types of smartphones. So this new handset has a high capacity 2870 mAh battery and it comes with 3.5 audio jack and USB. So it charges very quickly and lasts a long time.


The camera of Sony phone is very good. So the new handset has a 12 MP main camera and an 8 MP selfie camera. With this selfie camera you can do very good kind of photoshoot and video calling.


The Sony Xperia 8 Lite has 8GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory for using a variety of apps and software. You can also use an additional microSD card.

Sony Xperia 8 Lite : Price

Uncommon design of Sony Xperia phone and a quality full smart phone. The authority of this company has not disclosed any information and necessary information about the price of this smartphone. Therefore, it will be very difficult to determine the exact price. But we can say an expected price. Sony Xpearia 8 Lite

Price is $280 ~  Rs 22400

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