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Siktto Call Rate 2021 Any Local & Number Any Time

Skitto SIM is a popular mobile service provider in Bangladesh. This is another brand of Grameenphone. This is a prepaid connection. Other prepaid packages of Grameenphone such as Friends, Dijuce and Nishchinto users can transfer to each other. Because it is a special Grameenphone SIM. Spit SIM features the lowest call rate, data and many more attractive offers.

The fixed call rate of a sim is very important because the higher the call rate, the more money is spent. That is why a certain call rate of a SIM needs to be fixed. That’s why call rates can be used for a long time. The lowest call rate can be used on local numbers in Skitto SIM. This means that you can talk from Skitto to Skitto, from Skitto SIM to Grameenphone, from Skitto to other operators at the lowest cost.

Siktto SIM Call Rate 2021

Skitto SIM has become very popular in Bangladesh and is used by many people. Because this SIM has the facility to talk in 1 second pulse. It offers minimum call rate, internet and SMS offer. There are as many mobile SIM service providers in Bangladesh. One of them is Grameenphone Skitto SIM. More internet for less money and more validity. Skitto was closed in Bangladesh a few days ago but has now reopened. Many people are waiting for Skitto SIM because the internet, call rate and SMS of Skitto SIM are all affordable. So many of us don’t know about the call rate of Skitto SIM. It is very important to know about the call rate of a SIM, because if you have no idea about the call rate, your cost will be higher. That is why the information regarding the lowest call rate update of Bangladesh has been given.

Call Type Tariff in Taka With VAT, SD & Surcharge in TK Pulse Time
skitto to skitto 0.50/min 0.67/min 1 Sec 24 hours
skitto to other GP products 0.50/min 0.67/min
skitto to any local  number 0.50/min 0.67/min

This offer is the new offer of 2021. It is known as local call rate. We have made the table. Many people want to know. We created them to solve the problem and give an accurate idea of ​​the call rate of Skitto SIM. Your question has been answered. Hope you understand everything.

You can buy new Skitto SIM attached from anywhere in Bangladesh. Grameenphone sells Skitto SIMs in all its centers in Bangladesh. You can also buy this SIM from Grameenphone or SIM point of sale and from any special place. Stay with us to know the official price offer of Skito SIM, activation bonus, new SIM offer. And look at our posts. Thank you so much for reading the full post.


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