Samsung Galaxy X2 5G 2021 Release Date, Price, Features, Design & Full Specifications

Samsung is a popular brand of mobile phones all over the world. Because Samsung uses advanced technology and processors to make mobile phones. Today we will talk to you about a new phone from Samsung. Named as Samsung Galaxy x2 5G 2021. It is an upcoming Samsung mobile phone. Samsung makes quality phones for its customers. Which is why Samsung is one of the best in the world. Samsung Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Authority will soon release this smartphone for customers.

Customers always want to buy a quality phone so Samsung mobile phone company makes a quality complete mobile phone for the customers. Delivered to customer later. Samsung always makes phones with one thing in mind. That is advanced technology and maintains the highest quality. Due to which Samsung’s mobiles are very popular and sold more in the market. We hope that this smartphone will be marketed soon and will meet the needs of customers.

I am sharing some important information about Samsung’s new phone with you. Samsung’s new phone will get a 108mp camera, 16GB RAM, 7000mAh battery and much more. To get a complete idea about Samsung’s new phone we need to post. We have described in detail below.

Samsung Galaxy X2 5G 2021: Release Date

Samsung Galaxy customers are eagerly waiting for the new smartphone to hit the market. No worries, the smartphone will be released in the market soon. Although Samsung Authority has not yet given any information. However, we hope that the phone will be available in the market soon. Samsung Galaxy X2 5G Release Date is 24 September 2021. This is an expected date.

Samsung Galaxy X2 5G 2021: Space, Features, Design & Full specification

Before buying a smartphone, you need to know about that smartphone. So I will give you an idea about the display, battery, camera, connectivity and storage capacity of a significant part of this smartphone. These important parts are discussed in detail below.


The importance of the display is immense to keep a mobile phone safe. That’s why this new smartphone from Samsung has a 6.7 inch Super MOLED full touchscreen. And Corning Gorilla Glass 7 has been used to protect the mobile. This new phone also has a 16m color display.


The battery capacity of Samsung’s new phone is much higher than Samsung’s. This smartphone is given a high capacity 7000mAh battery. Wireless charging makes charging very fast and durable for long life.


Today’s young generation buys phones by looking at the camera. So if the camera of the current smartphone is good, everyone wants to buy that phone. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy X2 5G has been given the main camera of this smartphone 108mp, 32mp ultraviolet camera, 13mp RGB sensor, 8mp telephoto lens and an attractive selfie camera for taking selfies. The selfie camera of this smartphone is 42 mp and you can take good photos with this selfie camera.


The Samsung Galaxy X2 5G supports the smartphone with 12GB / 16GB RAM. You will get 256gb / 512gb memory as internal storage. Moreover you will get more Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G mobile chipset. Another advantage is that you can use additional micro SD card and Android 11 processor.


This smartphone supports an updated version and Android 11 version. Moreover, this smartphone will get fingerprint under and will be able to lock the face. You will also get WiFi facility, hotspot facility, 5G technology, Bluetooth, Dual SIM etc.

Samsung Galaxy X2 5G 2021 : Price

If you want to buy a good phone, of course, the price of that phone will be a little better. So I will inform you about the price of this smartphone. Although no information was found regarding the price of the phone. However, we can say that the expected price is one. Samsung Galaxy X2 5G 2021 price is $ 799 ~ Rs. 57950. Prices may vary slightly more in proportion to tax in different countries.
Price $ 799 ~ Rs. 57950

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