Samsung Galaxy X100 : Release Date, Price, Features, Design & Full Specifications

Samsung Galaxy X100 : Release Date Price Features Design and Full Specifications!Samsung Mobile Company has given a great opportunity for smartphone users. Welcome to Samsung new phone. Samsung made a good phone and handed it over to the customer. For the customers, Samsung provides new model phones with advanced technology. We hope that Samsung’s new phone will meet the expectations of customers.

In the current mobile phone competition market you will find different types of phones but Samsung is a little different. Because Samsung always uses good quality processors and advanced technology. Due to which the popularity of Samsung phones is increasing day by day. It is very strong and very beautiful to look at. Then there is no reason to worry! Because we will let you know about this smartphone.

Samsung’s new phone is coming. Whose name is Samsung Galaxy X100. This is an interesting smart phone. If you want to purchase your new updated smartphone. Then you will get many updates. I am discussing some notable ones. In this phone you will get battery 8 GB / 10 GB RAM, 8mp camera. If you want more detailed information. Then we need to see the full post and stay with us.

Samsung Galaxy X100 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy series phone has been redesigned and updated version. Many of you are wondering when the smartphone will be available in the market. So dear friends, there is no reason to worry. We will let you know when the phone will hit the market. However, no official information has been given by Samsung Mobile Authority yet. However, we hope that the smartphone will be available in the market soon. Samsung Galaxy X100 Release Date is 19th September 2021. It is an expected date.

Samsung Galaxy X100 Space, Features, Full Specifications

If you want to buy a quality and advanced model phone, you can buy this phone. Undoubtedly you will get a good result. All the parts of this smartphone are very strong. This smartphone has some notable things like display, battery, storage, connectivity information are discussed in detail.


Display plays an important role in protecting a mobile well. This handset has a 6.9 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The display of this handset is 16m color with perfect display.


This phone from Samsung has a very good battery capacity. The handset will get Li-Polymer non removable battery. The capacity of Samsung Galaxy X100 is 0006000mAh. Moreover, the battery charge of this smartphone rises very fast and gives longevity.


People now depend a lot on the camera when it comes to buying a phone. Because when people buy a phone, they look at the camera and buy the phone. This smartphone has given quality camera‚ÄĆ. Samsung’s new phone has a main camera 108MP, 32 MP camera, 8MP back camera. Selfie camera 48Mp. With which you can take very good selfies without any hesitation.


Samsung Galaxy X100 This phone comes with 8GB / 10GB RAM. 128GB / 512GB GB ROM facility. Advanced technology processors are used. Very fast speed and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5g mobile platform will be offered.

Samsung Galaxy X100 : Price

We hope to get this handset from Samsung in the market soon. You can get it by the end of this year. Samsung Galaxy X100 will be priced at $ 640 Rs. 46900.

Price $ 640 Rs. 46900

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