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Samia Othoi Age, Height, Boyfriend, Wedding, Instagram, Car & Tik Tok

Samia Othoi is a Bangladeshi model actress. Currently acting in many dramas, modeling and telefilms. The 2018 Channel I Superstar is the second runner up. Samia Othoi is currently in the middle of the drama. Today we will know complete information about Samia Othoi. About Samia Athai’s Height, Weight, Age Boyfriend, Wedding, Car and Viral News etc. You will get Samia Othoi ticktack account through today’s post. So good news for those who are fans of Samia Othoi. Today I will share complete information about Samia Othoi with my husband.

Age, Height Weight

Samia Athai has been popular in Bangladesh since 2019. She has been a popular model in Bangladesh since 2019 and everyone knows her. Accurate information about Samia Athai’s age was not found. However, his age may be approximately 22 years. His height is 5 feet 4 inches. Weight 56 ​​kg, eye color is black and hairstyle is black.

22 Years

Samia Othoi Boyfriend

Samia othoi is not married yet. She is an unmarried person. However, we do not know any information about her boyfriend. So far she is single. But someday if she is involved in a relationship. Then of course we will let you know.

Samia Othoi Wedding

Samia Athai is an intelligent model-actress of Bangladesh. She has not yet been involved in marriage and is not married. So we could not gather any information about her marriage. And in the future if she is involved in marriage. Then you must be informed.

Samia Othoi Tik -Tok Account

There are many listeners who want to know about Samia Othoi Tiktok account. Today we will share with you Samia Othoi Official TikTok Account. You can follow Samia Othoi Tiktok account. You can view all the updated videos that he uploads from that account.

Samia Othoi Tik-Tok Account :


Samia Othoi Instagram account

Samia Athai has a lot of fans who want to see the pictures of Samia Athai’s Instagram account. Today we will share the official Instagram account of Samia Athai for all those fans. You can see the updated pictures of Samia Athai Instagram from here.


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