Royal Express Bus Schedule, Ticket Counter Address & Contact Number

Buses are one of the means of transportation in Bangladesh. The Royal Express bus is known as Royal Transport. The Royal Express bus in Bangladesh is very popular and comfortable to travel. I am sharing with you the bus ticket counter contact number, ticket price, office location and various other information. All this necessary information will be very helpful to the passenger. Many do not know about the Royal Express. We want to say that Hanif Paribahan and Nabil Paribahan are the first class bus operators in Bangladesh. Similarly, Royal Express Bus is a first class bus operator. So it is undoubtedly a good bus.

Both AC and non-AC buses have been provided for the convenience of the customers. High quality quality of Royal Express AC buses. Which will not get another bus. If the Royal Express bus runs on your route, you can travel the hall once for the experience. Below is a collection of all the information about this bus.

Royal Express Ticket Counter Address & Contact Number

Here you can find the address and contact number of the ticket counter of Royal Express Transport. Also available are Royal Express ticket counter addresses and phone numbers and mobile numbers for all districts. If you do not know the Royal Express route. Then we suggest you check the route first. Then you can understand where Royal Express Transport provides services. Then you can book tickets for your journey from your nearest ticket counter and search quickly. Royal Express Bus Routes

Royal Express Bus Schedule, Ticket Counter Address & Contact Number - Top Stories 247

Royal Express Bus Chittagong Contact Number & Address:

  1. BTRC: -01869-299601
  2. Ornament 1: -01770184106,019939573401011919952292
  3. Ornament 2: -01675629767
  4. Free port: -016712-346783
  5. Bar Auliya: -01671-684534
  6. Bhatiyari: -01919-654828
  7. Feni Mahipal: -01674-555388
  8. Khan Khan: -01833-004430
  9. Baijid Bostami: -01711-735349
  10. Navy gate: -01684-957512

Royal Express Phone Number Dhaka & Address

  1. Gabtali Bus Terminal: -01775-11332001975-113320
  2. Gabtali: -02-9020088
  3. Mazar Road: -01730-465507,01970-465507
  4. Magura-01756-992767
  5. Magura and Jessore booking-01993-957341
  6. Chougacha-01756-992020

Royal Express Bus Baking Chuadanga

  1. Chuadanga Bara Bazar: -0761-63887,01775-1133210101775-113321
  2. Chuadanga Bus Terminal: -0761-81011
  3. Darshan: -01730465501
  4. Jiban Nagar: -01730465502
  5. Ashmanakhali: -01775-11339
  6. Hat Boalia: -01775-113300
  7. Carpasdanga: -01756-992214
  8. Damurhuda: -01756-993019
  9. Alamdanga: -07622-5679201775-113324
  10. Valayur junction: -01775-11338

Royal Express Meherpur Contact Number & Address:

  1. Nimtala: -0791-63054,01775-11333
  2. Mujibnagar: -01775-113322

Royal Express Jhenaidah Bookings Contact Number:

  1. Maheshpur: -01756-990101901013-957339
  2. Kaliganj: -01730-465505
  3. Kotchandpur: -01730-465504
  4. Khalishpur: -01730-465503
  5. Jhenaidah: -0451-63160,01775-11332501730-465506

Royal Express Magura & Jessore Phone number:

  1. Magura: -01756-992767,01993-957341
  2. Chougacha: -01756-99202001013-957340

Meherpur Bookings Contact Number & Address:

  • Nimtala: -0791-63054,01775-11333
  • Mujibnagar: -01775-113322

Royal Express Bus Routes

This is a very important question, which routes does the Royal Express transport travel on. It usually does not cover the whole of Bangladesh. So most people do not know and do not know about Royal Transport. Basically Royal Express bus travels from Dhaka to Chittagong and some districts of Bangladesh and South Zone.

  1. Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Kaliganj-Kotchandpur-Jibananagar-Darshana-Carpasadanga
  2. Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Maheshpur-Chougacha
  3. Dhaka-Chuadanga-Meherpur-Mujibnagar
  4. Dhaka-Chuadanga-Damurhuda-Darshana
  5. Dhaka-Chuadanga-Alamdanga
  6. Dhaka-Chuadanga-Waliipur-Asmankhali-Hatbolia
  7. Chattagram-Dakha-Chuadanga / Meherpur / Darshan

Royal Express Online Ticket Booking

If you want to travel on Royal Express, you need to book tickets or collect tickets so you can easily book tickets online so there are some online travel agencies that can buy tickets online with money for booking your tickets. You can book your bus tickets, most notably, and can book tickets for other buses from this online travel agency. I wish you a happy journey.

We hope we have been able to explain and provide you with the full details of the Royal Express bus so that you can travel very well and return home healthy. Thank you so much for giving us your precious time.


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