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Robi Noor Islamic Package- Call Rate & Offer

Robi Noor Package is the first Islamic mobile connection offer in Bangladesh. Those who rely on Islam want to lead their lives. This package is for all these people. People with Islamic minds can use this package. Customers will be able to talk from Noor to Noor SIM for 10 seconds 7 paise. Islamic connected and has many more features. If you want to know about Robi Noor prepaid package. Then we have to read the post below. We hope you find the information on the new package complete.

Robi Noor Prepaid Packagec No Interest:

Since this is an Islamic prepaid package, there is no chance of taking dividends on this SIM. The money earned from this package will be deposited in Islami Bank. And the money from that length will be spent on Islamic purposes. So this is a great job.

Robi Special New SIM Offer

This is the first time Robi has launched an Islamic SIM in Bangladesh. In which special new offers have been provided for the customers. 1gb internet is available for free for up to twelve months from Activation. Completely free, with no charge. Robi always offers the best offers in new SIMs. So this is one of the offers.

Activation Bonnus:

Robi offers many offers right after SIM activation for the convenience of the customer. We will inform you about those offers. The following offers will be provided.

  • After a vision, customers will immediately get 1GB internet for free.
  • Follow up bonus.
  • Using a minimum of 50 TK. Customers will get 1 GB of internet for free every 30 days for 11 months.
  • 3000 free-sms to any local number.
  • 50 paisa per minute any number.
  • 5 Taka Bonus Main Account 15 days validity.

Robi Noor Prepaid Package Call Rate

The call rate of Ravi Noor prepaid package is very attractive. The lowest call rate can be talked about. Robi Bangladesh’s Noor Prepaid SIM offers the opportunity to talk at the lowest call rate. If you recharge 54 taka first, you can talk to any number from 48 paisa minute Robi, which is valid for 30 days. 10 seconds 21 paise can be used to talk to any number. 50 paisa per minute to talk to any number. If you recharge 29 taka, you will get many attractive offers and it is valid for 15 days.

Robi Noor package 1GB 9 Tk

If you recharge 9 taka in Robi Noor package, you will get 1 GB internet offer. It will be valid for 7 days and 24 hours internet. You can recharge maximum 30 times in five months from the date of first recharge. Usually you will recharge 9 taka and 1 GB internet. You will get an offer which will be valid for 30 days.

  • 1 GB internet offer 9 TK
  • Duration 7 days
  • You can use the internet 24 hours a day
  • Can be used 32 times

If you have any information or feedback regarding this offer you can contact us. We will try to resolve your issue and reply to your feedback as soon as possible. Many thanks for reading this post over time.


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