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Robi Minutes Pack 2022- All Update Robi Offers 2022

Robi is a popular mobile service provider in Bangladesh. Robi is currently the second service provider in Bangladesh. Most people in Bangladesh are very happy to use robi sim. Because there are more opportunities available in Robi. Robi has offered many minute package offers for 2022. In which you can buy good minute packs for very little money. Everyone does a Google search to find out about the Robi Minute package. So today our website has discussed in detail about Robi Minute Package.

Many people are willing to buy Robi minute packs. But they don’t know how to dial. So today we will tell you about all Robi minute packs for them. The dial code, USSD code is required to buy a minute pack. Detailed information about the dial code and the USSD code is provided below.

Robi Minutes Pack 2022

Price Total Minite           Activation Code Validity
TK. 3.04 5 Minutes *8666*002# 04 hours
Tk. 4.31 12 Minutes *8666*055# 06 hours
Tk. 12.18 12 Min+12MB +12SMS *8666*12# 24 hours
Tk. 12.18 15 Min+ 15 SMS *8666*016# 1 days
Tk. 14 25 Minutes Recharge 14 Taka 16 hours
Tk. 29 29Min+29MB +29SMS Recharge 29 Taka 7 days
Tk. 43 70 Minutes Recharge 43 Taka 7 days
Tk. 53 80 Minutes *0*4# 7 days
Tk. 59 95 Minutes *0*5# 7 days
Tk. 64 105 Minutes Recharge 64 Taka 7 days
Tk. 78 130 Min+ 100MB Recharge 78 Taka 7 days
Tk. 99 170 Minutes *0*6# 7 days
Tk. 104 180Min+ 600MB (pos) *0*5# 10 days
Tk. 118 205 Minutes Recharge 118 Taka 10 days
Tk. 118 205 Min (postpaid) *0*8# 10 days
Tk. 183 285 Minutes *0*9# 30 days
Tk. 198 335 Minutes *123 *194# 30 days
Tk. 218 360 Minutes Recharge 218 Taka 30 days
Tk. 224 380 Minutes Recharge 224 Taka 30 days
Tk. 278 475 Minu + 1GB Recharge 278 Taka 30 days
Tk. 599 500 Min + 10GB + 100 SMS *123*599# 30 days
Tk. 507 600 Min+ 8GB *0*1# 30 days
Tk. 574 1000 min + 1GB Recharge 574 Taka 30 days
Tk. 997 1500 min + 5GB Recharge 997 Taka 30 days
Tk. 1017 1200 Min+ 16GB *0*2# 30 days
Tk. 1910 2400 Min+ 48GB *0*3# 30 days

12 Minute 7.31 Taka

Robi is the smallest pack. This is a very small Robi minute offer. If the customer wants to accept this small minute pack, then this pack will cost 7.30 rupees. This money will be exchanged for 12 minutes. This offer can be used by local operators.

  • To avail this offer you need to dial * 8666 * 055 #
  • Mini package price is only 7.31 rupees.
  • This offer is valid for 6 hours.

Robi 25 minutes 14 Taka

Welcome to Robi 25 Minute Talk-time Offer 2021. If you want to take the Robi 25 minute offer. This is one of the lowest priced packages. This package will cost only 14 rupees. Currently the most popular package. Many customers in Bangladesh use this package. To purchase the package you need to dial the USSD code. That is given below.

  • This package needs to be recharged for Tk 16 then auto minutes will come or dial *8666*1010#
  • The minute duration will be 16 hours and there is a 10 second pulse system.
  • Dial *222*3 # to check minute package balance

Robi 70 Minute Offer:

Robi offers talk-time in minutes. This is a very nice offer. Robi This package costs only 43 rupees. You can get a nice minute pack for Rs. 43. All Robi customers can buy and enjoy this pack.

  • Robi This package is valid for 40 days.
  • To avail this offer you need to recharge 43 tk.
  • The excellent offer has the benefit of 10 second pulse.
  • The price of this package includes VAT, SD and SC.
  • To check this minute balance dial *222*2 #

Robi 80 Minute Offer

Dear Robi Seam users, any Robi Excellent Minute Pack offer has been offered to you. Robi has offered 80 minutes offer for prepaid customers. The price of this offer is only 53 rupees. In exchange for this 53 rupees, Robi is giving you 80 minutes. It will cost 53 rupees to purchase 80 minutes.

  • Dial *0*4# to get 80 minutes offer This offer can be used by prepaid customers.
  • Mini pack validity 7 days.
  • Get the benefit of 10 second pulse.

Robi 130 Minute Offer

Robi 130 minutes is a great offer. All Robi customers will be able to accept this offer. The 130 minute offer is valid for 7 days. This package costs 78 taka with 130 mb bonus and 100 minutes free. You can use it on any local operator number.

  • You have to recharge 78 Taka and buy this package.
  • You will get 130 minutes offer which is valid for 7 days.
  • To check the minute balance of this package, dial * 222 * 2 #.

Robi 180 Minutes Bundle Offer

Robi has made an amazing great offer for customers. That offer is 180 minutes and 600 MB internet bonus for Robi customers. If you want to buy this 180 minute bundle pack, it will cost only 104 Tk. This bundle package price is 104 rupees. Robi prepaid customers can avail this offer and enjoy dialing.

  • To activate the package dial *0*5 #. Bonus 600 MB  internet.
  • You will get 104 minutes for this package.
  • The validity of the minutes will be 10 days.

Robi 205 Minute 118 Taka Offer

This offer is an attractive offer. Robi offers 205 minutes talk time for customers for only 118 Tk. If you want to accept this offer then follow the procedure below.

  • You have to recharge 118 Tk for which you will get this minute offer.
  • Robi will provide 205 minutes.

Robi 335 Minute 194 Taka

335 minutes talk time offer is an attractive offer. It is available only to Robi customers. Robi 335 minutes talk time offer is priced at 194 taka and it is valid for a long time. This is a very big package and great package. Robi customers can take it through the official website.

  • If you want to take this offer dial *123*194 # or recharge 194 taka.
  • The validity of the package is 30 days.

Robi 380 Minute Offer

Robi has provided an attractive package minute package for their customers. If you are a Robi customer then you can buy this minute offer at a lower rate. Robi has released 380 minutes Extraordinary Talk time offer. This offer is very important for the customer.

If you want to accept the offer, you have to spend 224 Tk. In return for which 380 minutes talk time minutes will be offered. So to activate the package you have to recharge 224 taka.

  • To launch the offer, you need to recharge Tk 224.
  • With VAT deduction.
  • The validity of the minutes will be 3 days.

Robi 475 minute offer

Are customers thinking of purchasing an effective minute package? So Robi has offered a wonderful minute package for their customers. Robi customers will be able to accept this offer. Robi offers 475 minutes and 1 GB internet offer for only Tk 278. You can accept this offer for only Tk 278. If you want to take this offer, you have to pay  taka 278 through recharge.

  • This offer is valid for 30 days.
  • I can use the minutes at any time.
  • To activate this package you need to recharge 278 taka.

Robi 2400 Minute + 48GB Offer

The offer is a much bigger offer. A surprise offer for Robi customers as this offer includes 48 GB internet including 24 GB 4G internet and 2400 minutes talk time and 100 SMS.

Not to end here, you will also get 512mb for Whats App, 512mb for YouTube and 512mb for Facebook. You will get these offers as a bonus. To process this offer you will need 1910 taka.

  • To activate the offer, dial *0*3 #
  • This offer is internet, minutes, sms, pack validity 3 days.
  • To check internet balance you need to dial *3# ,To check minute balance dial *222 *8 #  and Dial * 222 *12 #  to check SMS balance.
  • 10 second pulse.

Robi 1200 Minute Pack

Today I will tell you about a big package of Robi. Many customers search Google to buy minute packs with internet packs.

So for those customers, this pack is 16 GB internet, 1200 minutes and 100 SMS for only 1017 rupees. Robi customers will be able to take this package. Besides, they will also get 512mb Whats App, 512mb YouTube as a bonus.

  • The validity of internet, minutes and SMS pack is 30 days.
  • To receive this pack you need to dial *0*2#.
  • All offers will be valid for 30 days.

Robi 600 Minute Bundle Pack

Robi 600 minutes pack with 8gb internet offer and its validity is 30 days. You can easily accept the offer. If you want to purchase this package.

With this offer you will also get 8GB internet, 600 minutes, 100 SMS pack. As a bonus you will get 512 GB Whats App. If you want to buy this package then you have to dial USSD code. You can share this with your friends.

  • To activate this offer dial * 0 * 1 #
  • Dial * 222 * 8 # for internet check
  • To know the balance in SMS, dial * 222 * 12 #
  • And dial * 3 # to check the minutes

Robi 500 Minute Offer

Robi mobile phone service provider is very popular in Bangladesh. Also Robi this recharge offer is very popular. And Robi all customers want to take this package. Robi will offer 500 minutes, 5 GB internet and 100 SMS offers for their customers. Robi All Prepaid customers will be able to accept and enjoy this offer.

This offer is not for postpaid customers. It is only for prepaid customers. If you purchase this package, you will have to pay  599  taka . And a gorgeous t-shirt will be provided as free. It will come with 5GB internet, 500 minutes and 100 SMS. All these offers are valid for 30 days. If you recharge, the offer will be activated immediately.

  • If you want to get this offer then recharge 599 taka.
  • All offers are valid for 30 days.
  • This offer is for prepaid customers only.

Robi 1000 Minute Pack

This offer is for all Robi customers. Robi prepaid and postpaid customers can avail this offer. This offer offers customers 1000 minutes and 1gb internet. If you accept the 1000 minute and 1 GB internet offer, it will be valid for 30 days and the price of this package will be Rs 574. Can use internet anytime and any customer number.

  • Robi prepaid and postpaid customers will be able to avail this offer.
  • This offer is valid for 30 days.
  • To get the offer, you have to recharge 574 taka.

1500 Minute Offer

Today we will tell you about Robi’s biggest minute pack offer. Robi’s biggest minute pack offer is 1500 minutes offer. With 1500 minutes offer you will get more 5 GB internet. This package is priced at just  997 taka and for prepaid customers. If you want to buy the biggest minute pack of all. Then you will get 5 GB internet with 1500 minutes as a bonus.

  • If you want to launch the biggest Robi minute pack, you have to recharge 997 taka.
  • Minutes and the validity of the internet offer is 30 days.
  • This offer can be purchased at any time.


  • These offers can be availed through 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • Robi customers will be able to use the minute package offers.
  • Dial 222 * 2 # to know minutes, 222 * 12 # to know SMS and 3 # to know internet balance

Robi prepaid customers can take all the offers of the minute package. If you have any information or opinion about these offers, you can let us know. We will try to answer your opinion. Thank you so much for reading the whole post with difficulty.


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