Realme 9 2021 PRICE, Release Date, Space, Features & Full Specification

Dear mobile phone users, Welcome to know about the smartphone in Realm Nine 2021! Everyone’s favorite smartphone realm for a good camera at present. So today, Realme is going to discuss a new smartphone. Today, Realme will discuss a smartphone of new upcoming, named Realm Nine 2021.

We hope that this smartphone will reach the hands of buyers this year. This smartphone price is middle level. So all kinds of people can purchase this phone. This smartphone will be discussed in detail. So focusing read the important information of the smartphone.

Release Date of  Realme 9

We have been able to collect many information about Realme Nine Smart Phone but this new model’s Realm Nine Smart Phone has not yet confirmed. I hope this smartphone will soon come to the market. The Realm Nine Smartphone can publish release date at the end of this year.

Realme 9 Full Specification :

Realme this smartphone has a 6.5 inch Super LED 1080 pixel LED display. With this, this smartphone has the benefit of Corning Gorilla Glass. As if the smartphone is safe. This smartphone has three types of colors.

About the Realme 9 Smart Phone Battery, the battery of this new upcoming smartphone is non-removable and comes with a 5000 mAh powerful battery. In addition, fast charging has been arranged to charge the smartphone quickly. Since it is a selfie camera mobile phone. So this smartphone has a 32mp selfie camera. With which you can make beautiful selfies and video calling.

Besides, this smartphone has a 64 MP main cameras. There are three more extra cameras with a 64 MP main camera. Quad camera 8 MP, ultra-wide camera 5 MP and depth camera 2 MP. About the RAM and ROM of Realme 9 smartphone, the storage capacity of Realme 9 smartphone is 8GB RAM and 64 128GB ROM. There is also the facility to use the updated micro SD card.

Realme 9 2021 Smartphone Price

Welcome to know about Realme Nine 2021 smartphone price. Since the Realm 9 smartphone is an upcoming smartphone. So the interest of the customer to know about the price of this phone is endless. So all the customers are waiting when the smartphone will come to the market? And how much could it cost? So with the customer in mind, we will give you an idea about the price of the Realm 9 smartphone Realme Nine Smart Phone Price $ 222 ~ Rs.16500.

Price $ 222 ~ Rs.16500.

Thank you so much for reading our entire post. If you have any comments about the smartphone in Realm Nine 2021, please let us know in the comment box.

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