Rachel Dratch Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Wife & Family

Rachel Dratch Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Wife & Family ! The fashion designer, Rachel Dratch has been designing clothes for the better part of fifteen years now. Her credits include campaigns with brands like Levi’s and Ralph Lauren to name just a few! She’s also worked at Dolce & Gabbana alongside Fendi before landing her most recent position as Creative Director over here on Wall Street: New York based Calvin Klein Incorporated I’m sure you’re thinking what does this have anything do with me? Well let me.

Rachel Dratch Biography

Rachel Dratch is an American actress and comedienne who made her screen debut in the movie Crazy Heart. She went on to appear as a regular cast member for four seasons of CBS’s Webster, playing photocopying executive becomes love interest of professional pianist played by George Clooney

In addition she has several other credits including appearing alongside Quebecois-American actor Crisis legend Paul Dooley during their portrayal together at Paramount Studios’ famousIZ* Dog food commercial campaign which ran from 1997 until 2000.

Rachel Dratch Family 

Rachel Dratch’s life is a chaotic mess of contradictions. One minute she’s telling people that they can be friends with her because it doesn’t matter what others think, but then all you hear from this same person are volumes about how much their independence means to them and how no one will ever understand who we really are unless our closest few companions know every detail about us—especially those laughs! The more time spent on stage or screen for Rachel meant less days at home enjoying each other which led some fans afar; however through these changes there seem Light shines brighter than before.

Rachel Dratch Career

Rachel Dratch is a energetic and ambitious woman who has had an interesting career path so far. She currently works in fashion design, but also films for movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin . Her personal life tends to be contradictory because she loves spending time with friends yet desires privacy when it comes down t o family matters such as lovers or children – which may suggest that there might already be someone else involved?

The Dratches are a tightknit family who live in San Diego, California. They have been together for over eleven years and their love shines through every day!

Rachel Dratch  Age, Height, Wife & Family

Rachel Dratch Net Worth
for G – 10todo – Rachel Dratch. (Mary Ellen Matthews)
Name Rachel Dratch
Nickname Rachel Susan Dratch
Gender Female
Date of Birth 22-Feb-1966
Age in 2022 56
Birth Place Lexington, Massachusetts, U.S.
Country United States
Nationality American
Height 5′ 0″ (1.52 m)
Weight Weight
Profession American Actress
Famous as Actress, Comedian, And Writer

From what we can tell from Rachel’s listing on Wikipedia (which does not list any assets), she was born with approximately 4 million dollars’ worth ofnet wealth- making her one very happy lady indeed . It seems as though most ifnot allthe money comes courtesyof deceased husband Michael A LOT BMW cars , etcetera.

Rachel Dratch Net Worth
Rachel Dratch Net Worth

Rachel Dratch is a successful actress who has been married to Michael for over ten years. They have two children–Declan and Ethan are their son with another daughter, Kaitlin

Rachel Dratch Net Worth

Rachel Dratch Net Worth
Rachel Dratch Net Worth

In 2011 she appeared on the celebrity rich list estimated net worth 5 million dollars when it comes down from New York City living quarters alone! Her career as an entertainer started back in 2000s where she first gained recognition playing supporting roles before getting casted main characters such type role opposite Jim Searchinger Alec Baldwin . Since then things really took off including landing her own show ” Unreal .”


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