Rabeya Paribahan Ticket Price, Counter Number & Counter Address

Rabeya Paribahan is one of the leading transports in Bangladesh. Today we will share with you about Rabeya Paribahan ticket price, counter address and counter contact number. Rabeya Paribahan is one of the only means of transportation from Dhaka to Rajbari, Pangsha and Baliakandi in Bangladesh. Rabeya Paribahan regularly travels from Dhaka to Rajbari, Pangsha, Khoksa Kumarkhali and Baliakandi. If you want to cross the river Padma from Dhaka and take a good bus, then the best bus would be Rabeya Paribahan. If you want to travel from Dhaka to Rajbari, you can travel in a very happy moment and in a luxurious way. Rabeya Paribahan does not have to pay for crossing the river from Paturia to Daulodia. Because crossing the river is free for the passengers in this bus.

So if you travel in Rabeya Paribahan, the entire cost of your journey will be borne by the transport. Rajbari has been providing bus service to people for a long time. For the convenience of the passengers, a complaint box has been provided so that there is no problem for the passengers. Any passenger can call that number if there is any problem to get the service. Hopefully the next trip won’t have this kind of problem. For which passenger service number has to be provided. Passengers can complain at any time and give a variety of opinions. If you want to make a good journey, you can go to Rabeya Paribahan. I wish you a beautiful trip.

Rabeya Paribahan Route

Many of us do not know. We will inform you today on which routes Rabeya Paribahan operates. Most of us know that Rabeya Paribahan is the last destination from Rajbari Sadar but Rabeya Paribahan travels to Rajbari, Pangsha, Khoksa, Kumarkhali and Baliakandi. So in order to provide passenger service facilities, we have provided the following routes.

Dhaka to Rajbari
Dhaka To  Pangsha
Dhaka to Khoksa
Dhaka to Kumarkhali

Rabeya Paribahan

AC Ticket PriceMany people prefer comfortable travel from Dhaka to Rajbari. Rabia Transport has launched AC service for them. So those who want to make the journey very comfortable and safe. They will be able to go to places like Rabia AC Transport Rajbari kumarkhali, khoksa, pangsha etc. Rabea Paribahan can travel on AC bus at very low cost.Coach Service.

From To Fare( Ac)
Dhaka Kumarkhali 600 TK
Dhaka Rajbari 500 TK
Dhaka Pangsha 550 TK
Dhaka Khoksa 550 TK
Dhaka Baliakandi 550 TK

 Dhaka to Rajbari (AC)  Bus 500 TK

Rabeya Paribahan (Non AC) Ticket Price

Rabeya can travel from Dhaka to Rajbari, Pangsha, Khoksa and Kumarkhali in a very non-AC mode. Rabia Transport is the only one that provides good service and low cost. So if you want to make a good journey in peace, you can buy Rabeya transport ticket. Because Rabea Transport can travel at very low cost.

From To Fare( Non Ac)
Dhaka Kumarkhali 300 TK
Dhaka Rajbari 260 TK
Dhaka Pangsha 300 TK
Dhaka Kumarkhali 300 TK
Dhaka Baliakandi 300 TK

Dhaka to Rajbari  (Non Ac)  Bus 260 TK

Rabeya Paribahan Bus Time Schedule

We often miss the bus due to not knowing the time schedule of Rabeya Paribahan bus. So don’t get confused, we have collected Rabeya Paribahan’s time schedule for you and will share it with you. So feel free to read the time schedule carefully. So after seeing the time schedule, you will reach Rajbari, Pangsha, Kumarkhali and Khoksa from Dhaka as per the scheduled time. I am providing the time schedule of Rabeya Paribahan bus.

Route  Start Time End
 Dhaka to Kumarkhali 8.10 AM 4.00 PM
Rajbari to Dhaka 10.00 AM 5.00 PM
Pangsha To Dhaka 9.45 AM 4.25PM
Khoksa from Dhaka 08.45 AM 3.40 PM
Kumarkhali to Dhaka 8.30 AM 3.30 PM

Rabeya Paribahan Bus All Counter Location & Contact Number

Many times we can’t get advance ticket due to lack of counter number. So we have to go with other local service due to lack of Rabeya transport ticket. Local buses cause a lot of trouble and confusion. So we have collected Rabia Paribahan counter location and contact numbers for your convenience. You will be able to make advance tickets and cancel tickets from this contact number. If you have any travel issues, you can talk to this ticket number and hopefully you will benefit from getting the ticket counter location and contact number. Below is the counter location and contact number of Rabia Paribahan bus.

Counter Location Contact Number
(Dhaka) Gabtali counter 01717190992,01705031917,01705031918
Nabinagor counter 017092997
Rajbari  counter 01705031913, 0170929985
Boropul 0174295162
Murgir Farm 01705031913
Pangsha 01755432037,01720591524
Khoksa 01927269271,01739939692,0170929972
Kumarkhali 017115631

If you have any information or opinion regarding Rabia Transport, you can contact us. We will try to solve your problem. Many thanks for reading the full post.


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