Pulsar 160 NS : Price in 2021, Performance, Design, Millage & Review

Are you thinking of changing your old bike? So today we will tell you about a new stylish Uncommon bike. Many people around the world are using and buying. The name of this new bike is Pulsar 160 NS. The most popular Pulsar 160 NS bike in India. Especially young motorcycle users are more attracted to this motorcycle. This bike is on top of the competition market. So the Pulsar 160NS motorcycle was discussed in details.

The bike was first launched in Turkey earlier this year. The 150 cc motorcycle has been sold in the Turkish market, but India and around the world have decided to be the first to get 100 Bajaj Pulsar Authority Bajaj 160cc motorcycle. If you buy the bike, you will be able to buy a beautiful and stylish bike.

With the present era people are buying different types of stylish motorcycles. That’s why the Pulsar 160 NS motorcycle has triple spark plug, single cylinder, air cooler, power 15.2 bhp. You will get many more benefits. Please read carefully below to know the details about this bike.

Pulsar 160 NS Review

Bajaj is the most popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. Bajaj’s motorcycles are made in India. The advantage of this motorcycle is the low price and good quality products. Due to which the people of Bangladesh want to buy this motorcycle the most. This motorcycle is sold in large quantities in India and all over the world. Motorcycle models are changed in India and all over the world. In the present era, people are changing the motorcycle CC due to modernity. This new model market motorcycle is the best selling motorcycle in India. Bajaj’s most popular is the Pulsar NS motorcycle. This motorcycle is not only sold in India, but also in Bangladesh and all over the world. So if you are thinking of buying a new stylish bike. Then you can buy this bike Pulsar 160 NS. The performance of this bike will be much better in the future.

Design and Looks:

The design of the Pulsar 160 NS motorcycle is absolutely spectacular. Because Pulsar is going to release an extraordinarily gorgeous model motorcycle. Made in an awesome design, the sports department’s motorcycle users are basically saying it. But one of the choices of most stylish people. All kinds of people like it because it is more stylish.

Engine Performance:

This new Pulsar 160 NS motorcycle uses an air cooling system engine. The engine will be powered by 160.3 and 5 gear boxes and 15.5 PS has been provided. The motorcycle will be modified and refurbished.


This new motorcycle from Pulsar is actually very interesting and amazing. Because this motorcycle has a mileage of more than 42 kilometers. Which is not so much as any other motorcycle. The new bike can have 12 liters of oil in the tank.

Colour :

The Pulsar 160 NS motorcycle is really beautiful to look at and has a variety of colors. The Pulsar NS 160 motorcycle has three types of colors. These three gorgeous colors are Gray, Red and Blue which everyone likes. In future we will see different types of colors of this new motorcycle

Pulsar 160 NS Price in 2021

Pulsar 160 NS Uttara Motors is the Bangladesh distributor of the new Pulsar 160 NS motorcycle. As a result of their price agreement with India, the price of the bike is Bangladesh 189,500. This Pulsar 160 NS motorcycle is price at $ 2200 worldwide.

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