OPPO F9 Pro: Price, Space, Design, Features & Full Specifications

OPPO F9 Pro: Price, Space, Design, Features & Full Specifications! Dear smartphone user, today I will give you an idea about a new smartphone. At present it is being sold at a huge rate in India and all over the world and everyone is liking it. If you want to buy a good camera handset then you can take the OPPO phone. Because the OPPO phone camera is much better and the whole feature with it is awesome. So we will talk about that smartphone today. Whose name is OPPO F9 Pro.

It is a powerful and advanced technology smartphone. It is currently the first choice smartphone of the customer in the local market. Just as the smartphone is selling a lot, so is the interest of the customer to know a lot. So I will give a complete idea about the price and design of this smartphone. Read the full post.

Currently you will find different types of smartphones in the local market. But OPPO F9 Pro smartphone is different from everyone else. OPPO Company Authority Advanced technology and experienced technicians make this smartphone. If you want to buy a powerful handset, then you can take this handset. This smartphone has a 6.3 inch display, 16mp main camera, 4GB ROM and 6GB ROM, 3500 mAh huge battery capacity. So you are definitely going to get a good phone.

OPPO F9 Pro: Release Date

Among the OPPO smartphones, this phone is selling widely in the current market and everyone is happy with the phone. This new smartphone was released in August 2018. And lots are being sold in the current market.

OPPO F9 Pro: Space, Design, Features & Full Specifications

I will also give you an idea about the price of the smartphone. The key issues of the smartphone are the display, camera, battery and connectivity.

Display :

This new smartphone comes with a 6.3 inch display with 84% skin body ratio. The display has been given IPS LCD. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 has been provided for display protection.

Battery :

How the smartphone will perform depending on the battery. That’s why this smartphone has a high capacity battery 3500 mAh non-removable Li-po type. The faster the charge, the longer the charge.


Memory plays an important role in using different types of apps and software. That is why this smartphone is provided with 64 GB ROM. And there is 4GB and 6GB RAM. Can use additional micro SD card.


The main camera of the new handset is 16mp. Two MP depth sensor camera and LED flash are provided. There is also a luxurious selfie camera provided. The selfie camera of this new handset is 25mp.

OPPO F9 Pro: Price

Since this is an updated smartphone and there is a lot of demand in the market. So this smartphone is very good. The OPPO F9 Pro smartphone is priced in two categories. One is 64GB ROM and 6GB RAM which is priced at $ 350 and the other is 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM which is priced at $ 290.

Price $ 290

If you have any feedback about the phone. You can let us know in the comment box. Thanks.

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