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Onam 2019 Image, Wishes, Status, Photos, Messages & Wallpaper! It is said that, in the era of asura King Mahabali, Kerala saw its golden era. People in the state were cheerful, prosperous and enormously respected their King. Gods (Devas) felt provoked by developing the popularity of Mahabali and they requested Lord Vishnu to end the rule of Mahabali. Vishnu refused to join the gods in violence against Mahabali because Mahabali was a good ruler and his own devotee.

He, instead, decided to test Mahabali’s devotion at an opportune moment. Mahabali, after his victory over the gods, announced that he would perform a Yajna and grant anyone any request during the Yajna. Lord Vishnu took the avatar of a dwarf boy called Vamana and requested the king to grant him “three paces of land.” Mahabali agreed. Vamana grew to an enormous size and covered everything Mahabali ruled over in just two paces.

For the third pace, Mahabali offered his head for Vishnu to step on, an act that Vishnu accepted as evidence of Mahabali’s devotion. Vishnu granted him a boon, by which Mahabali could visit again, once every year, the lands and people he previously ruled. This revisit marks the festival of Onam.

Onam 2019 celebration: 

Onam celebration keeps going from four to ten days. The celebrations include Vallam Kali (boat races), Pulikali (tiger dances), Pookkalam (flower arrangement), Onathappan (worship), Onam Kali, Tug of War, Thumbi Thullal (women’s dance), Kummattikali (mask dance), Onathallu (martial arts), Onavillu (music), Kazhchakkula (plantain offerings), Onapottan (costumes), Atthachamayam (folk songs and dance), and other celebrations.

Onam 2019 wishes & greetings:

This year, Onam is celebrated on September 11. If you are searching for Happy Onam 2019 Wishes, Images, Quotes, Messages, Onam Greetings, then you have landed on the right page. Share these Happy Onam wishes, quotes, images with your loved ones to make the celebration more special.

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