Nilsagor Express Train Schedule 2022, Ticket Price, Stop Station & Off Day

Nilsagor Express Train Schedule 2021, Ticket Price, Stop Station & Off Day, more information can be found here. The Nilsagor Express train is a popular train in Bangladesh. One of the best trains. Where there are many benefits. You can find out the necessary information through this post. If you have traveled before by buying a ticket on the Nilsagor Express train. Then there is a lot of suffering. However, if you want, you can buy tickets from your mobile phone through the internet.

If you are a Grameenphone user, you can purchase tickets through the GP app. And if you are a Robi-Airtel user, you can purchase tickets through the Robi Cash app. You can check the location by sending a message on your mobile phone. We will inform you the complete information through this post. Anyone in Bangladesh can buy this train ticket online through the app. We will let you know through this post how to buy train tickets online. This post will show you how to buy train tickets online. You can also find out how much you have to pay for a train ticket through this contain.

NilSagor Express Train Time Table 2021

Nilsagor Express train time, ticket price, how to buy train tickets online and how to pay for tickets online. All the valuable information will be given in this post. The Nilsagor train starts its journey from Dhaka and ends its journey to Chilahati. Chilahati is a place in Nilphamari District.

NilSagor Express Ticket Price 2021 (update)

Here we will inform you, the price of the train ticket, which you want. The price may change a lot of times. However, the latest way the train price is being taken from the Bangladesh Railway official website. I am sharing the information about that price below.

  • Shuvon 420 Taka
  • Shuvon Chair 520 Taka
  • Snigdha 970 Taka
  • 1st Berth 1020 Taka
  • AC Bertha 1153 Taka

Dhaka to Chilahati Train Distance

If you want to buy Nilsagor Express train ticket, then you need to know how many kilometers Chilahati distance from Dhaka. The distance from Dhaka to Chilahati station is 325 kilometers. Road distance is 388 kilometers.

Dhaka to Chilahati (Nilphamari) Train Code and Information

  • Train Route: Dhaka Cantonment -Nilphamari- Chilahati
  • Starting station: Dhaka Cantonment
  • Train Number: 765
  • Starting Time: 08.15
  • Destination Station: Nilphamari Chilahati
  • Arrival Time: 17.20
  • Time Taken: 9 Hours 10 Minutes.

Dhaka to Chilahati Stoppage Stations

If you want to travel to Parbatipur, Nilphamari, Domar, Natore, Joypurhat, etc., then you have to buy a train ticket of Nilsagor Express. This train starts from Dhaka Airport. You can buy tickets for that train from Dhaka Airport Station and you can buy tickets from other railway stations.

Station Name                             Time Taken From Start Arrival Time Departure Time
Dhaka Biman Bandor  0 Hours 9 Minutes 08:25 08:29
Joydebpur 0 Hours 45 Minutes 09:01 09:31
Tangail 2 Hours 13 Minutes 10:29 10:32
Ibrahimabad 2 Hours 36 Minutes 10:52 11:02
Natore 4 Hours 52 Minutes 13:08 13:11
Ahasangonj 5 Hours 18 Minutes 13:35 13:38
Shantahar 5 Hours 45 Minutes 14:01 14:06
Akkelpur 6 Hours 11 Minutes 14:27 15:28
Joypurhat 6 Hours 29 Minutes 15:45 15:49
Birampur 7 Hours 4 Minutes 16:20 16:23
Fulbari 7 Hours 19 Minutes 16:34 16:49
Parbatipur 7 Hours 50 Minutes 17:20 18:15
Syedpur 8 Hours 21 Minutes 19:36 19:57
Nilphamari 9 Hours 5 Minutes 18:20

Chilahati (Nilphamari) To Dhaka Train Code and Information

  • Train Route: Chilahati  -Nilphamari- To  Dhaka Cantonment
  • Starting station: Dhaka Cantonment
  • Train Number: 766
  • Starting Time: 22.45
  • Destination Station: Dhaka Cantonment
  • Arrival Time: 07.30
  • Time Taken: 8 Hours 40 Minutes.

Chilahati To Dhaka Stoppage Stations

Station Name Time Taken From Start Arrival Time Departure Time
Syedpur 0 Hours 36 Minutes 23:21 23:30
Parbatipur 1 Hours 5 Minutes 23:50 24:00
Fulbari 1 Hours 34 Minutes 00:19 00:22
Birampur 1 Hours 49 Minutes 00:34 00:37
Joypurhat 2 Hours 23 Minutes 01:08 01:11
Akkelpur 2 Hours 41 Minutes 01:26 01:28
Santahar 3 Hours 5 Minutes 01:50 01:55
Ahasangonj 3 Hours 35 Minutes 02:20 02:23
Natore 4 Hours 1 Minute 02:46 02:56
Ibrahimabad 6 Hours 28 Minutes 05:13 05:15
Tangail 6 Hours 50 Minutes 05:35 05:38
Joydebpur 7 Hours 55 Minutes 06:40 06:43
Dhaka Biman Bandor 8 Hours 30 Minutes 07:15 07:18
Dhaka Cantonment 8 Hours 45 Minutes 07:30

Nilsagor Express Train Facility

  • The government’s railway police will be on guard all the time.
  • You will get different types of luxury facilities and money will be saved.
  • You can see the scenery that can be seen through the window.
  • Prayer room.
  • Public toilets You can buy different types of books and magazines.
  • There will be a safe journey because there are very few accidents.
  • The government will be able to purchase a variety of food and beverages.

The biggest advantage is you will get good service at the lowest rate. You will get many categories to travel in Nilsagor Express train. You can make a good journey by purchasing a choice from anyone. This train will cross the Chilahati railway line from Dhaka. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us. We will try to answer your question.


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