MV Parabat Launch Contact Number, Ticket Price & Update Schedule

Parabat Launch is the most luxurious, comfortable and risk-free launch service in Bangladesh. On the Barisal route from Dhaka, thousands of passengers are constantly transported by Parabat launches. Parabat 9,10,11 modern completed launches are on the most preferred list of passengers.

The Parabat  launch authority is working tirelessly to get the passengers to their destination on time. There are a total of 900 seats, including luxury rooms and cabin seats. There are more than 100 Lifeboy to provide maximum convenience to the passengers. So that the passengers do not have any kind of error or difficulty.

Hotline Number: +8801711 330642

Double engines have been used to avoid all types of accidents so that passengers get extra safety. Parabat  launch is a long time companion of Barisal to Dhaka people. There are many modern launch ceremonies on the Dhaka-Barisal route but the episode launch is different from all to give extra facilities. Equipped with modern lighting, the mountain launch attracts people who love to travel. Keep an eye on our post to get the necessary phone numbers to purchase advance tickets and cancel tickets for this launch.

Parabat (9,10,11,12) Launch Contact Number & Schedule

Under the supervision of skilled ship master and security staff, you will be able to cross the darkness of night and reach your destination on time. The state-of-the-art luxury launch has all the amenities, such as 11 prayer rooms, 40 Lifebuoy to provide security, delicious food by skilled chefs and a presentation of experienced management that will captivate every traveler. Additional amenities include Wi-Fi, TV and entertainment. So if you want to travel on this luxurious waterway, you have to collect the tickets from the ticket counter first. Talking to the number provided by us, your ticket collection will be booked.

Launch Name Contact  Number Ticket Booking Time

MV Parabat-12

01711276597 01711344745 updated will be soon

MV Parabat-11

01711344745, 01711-330642 01711344745 updated will be soon

MV Parabat-10

01711344745 01711344745 updated will be soon

MV Parabat-09

01711344746 01711344745 updated will be soon

MV Parabat-07

01711344745 01711344745 updated will be soon

MV Parabat-02

01717-344747, 01711276597 01711344745 updated will be soon

Parabat  Launch Ticket Price

There are all kinds of tickets for the passengers so all the people from upper class to lower class can travel effortlessly. From a minimum 200 TK to a luxurious VIP cabin you can travel very peacefully with  7000 TK . There are family cabins for family travel. There is extra security here and there is no chance of any kind of family attack trouble or inconvenience.

Seat Category Tickets Price
Deck 200 TK
Single Cabin 900  TK
Double Cabin  1600 TK
Family Cabin 3000 TK
Deluxe Cabin 7000 TK

Parabat 12,10,8 Launch online Ticket

From now on there are golden opportunities for launch travelers to easily collect launch tickets from online platforms. Especially using you can collect tickets for the most modern complete launches in the country. There are also personal launch apps for each launch that allow you to receive and cancel tickets.


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