MV Farhan -8,5 Contact Number

MV Farhan is one of the special launches from Dhaka to Barisal. In this launch you will be able to travel from Dhaka to Barisal and from Barisal to Dhaka launch at very low cost. They provide a lot of services for the purpose of passenger service. This lunch launch will allow you to travel to Barisal in great comfort.

Do you want a risk free trip? Then of course you can travel to Barisal by MV Farhan launch. Because this launch is completely risk free. As a result, every person reaches their destination safely. Many are curious to know about this launch. That’s why we have come up with information about MV Farhan for you today. If you want to know the complete information, you have to read the details.

MV Farhan- 8 Contact Number

Since it is a long journey, passengers want to collect and leave the launch tickets in advance. You must have a ticket booking number to collect tickets. But many passengers do not have the ticket booking number. As a result they cannot take the desired ticket. So we will give you the contact number of MV Farhan 8 through this post. So that you can get the complete information and buy tickets in advance.

MV Farhan- 8 Contact Number : 01718312301,01715844612

MV Farhan-5 Contact Number

MV Farhan 5 launch will undoubtedly go to Barisal. If you think you want to travel from Barisal to Dhaka in a luxurious and peaceful way. Then you can travel on MV Farhan 5 launch. Many people want to know about the cabin rental and ticket price of this launch. So today we will provide the required numbers for MV Farhan 5 launch. If you contact the numbers, you will easily get all the information about this launch. So below are the required contact numbers.

MV Farhan- 8 Contact Number : 01798388691, 01798388692,                                                                        01798388693, 01798388694

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