Mavi daughter of Neymar was born by caesarean in Sao Paulo

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Mavi daughter of Neymar was born by caesarean in Sao Paulo

Pregnant with Neymar, Bruna Biancardi visits a heavenly destination in Europe
Bruna Biancardi walks the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
Bruna Biancardi spent 48 hours attending one of the world’s biggest film festivals in Cannes, France — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Pregnant with Neymar, Bruna visits Nice on the French Riviera — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
How much does a day in the maternity hospital cost?

In the maternity ward, there are 77 simple rooms to accommodate all the pregnant women who come to the unit. However, they all have Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant (for checking in, for example, and notifying the ward about crying babies), according to a report in “Wet” from April of last year. Presidential suites cost up to R$12,000 a day, one for pregnant women and the other for companions. “Luxury” rooms cost R$7,000 per night.

400 thread count sheet and wine cellar. The most luxurious accommodations even have a cabin attached to the delivery room — the so-called “Life Lounge,” where ten people are served by waiters while waiting for the birth. Guests can view the baby through a polarized glass that turns transparent as the newborn enters the world. According to “wet”, a camera automatically takes pictures of the group

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