Labaid Hospital Doctor List, Phone Number, Appointment & location

Labaid Hospital Doctor List, Phone Number, Appointment & location! Labaid Hospital is playing an important role in the medical field of Bangladesh. Because innumerable people in Bangladesh are receiving services in every branch of Labaid. Treatment of major diseases is cured. Did you know that many people in Bangladesh are suffering from heart disease? Labaid Hospital Doctor List.

Labaid Hospital is one of the leading heart disease resolving hospitals in Bangladesh. The treatment of this terrible heart disease is provided by Labaid Hospital. Providing services to the patients and providing good treatment. Due to which Labaid Hospital has become known and gaining popularity among the people day by day. Besides, you will get international quality services here.

Labaid Hospital

Labaid Hospital A was inaugurated on 15 July 2004 for treatment in an area of ​​Dhanmondi. As Labaid Hospital is located in the center of Dhaka, all the people of Dhaka can receive services. Apart from Dhaka, Labaid has branch hospitals in different parts of Bangladesh. International quality services are available and treatment can be taken by specialist doctors. Different types of reputed doctors from home and abroad have their arguments and doctors come to this hospital. Labaid Hospital has accommodated 500 patients. Also the best service is provided for a patient.

Labaid Hospital Address and Location

Labaid Hospital is located in the center of Dhaka city. This hospital is being built to provide services to the people. Good and improved services are being provided by a lot of people in Bangladesh. Many do not know the location and address. The location of Labaid Hospital is House # 6, Road # 4, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. So now you can easily find Labaid Hospital.

The Main Benefits of Labaid Hospital

Labaid Hospital is staffed by foreign and experienced doctors. There are separate sections for solving your specific problems by going to the department you need. This hospital has facilities and high quality facilities. A study has shown that the hospital is located in Dhaka city, so a lot of people come and go. And it is very easy to reach every person for service. Since this hospital is located in the middle of the city. Everyone can receive services from here and they are very happy. There is such a state-of-the-art hospital inside Dhaka city. You will find detailed information about this hospital below.

Emergency Department:

The emergency department of a hospital has to be very important because very emergency patients come to the emergency department. This hospital has an emergency department. LabAid Hospital has an experienced doctor in the emergency department and this emergency department can accommodate 20 patients. And if the patient needs therapy, then he can take the therapy from here. Because the experienced therapist has been given in this emergency department. So in this department you will get fast service for an emergency patient.

Experience Doctor:

As we have said before, the doctors of Labaid Hospital are very experienced and expert. That is why all the doctors take care and cure the disease of the patient. In addition, heart medical services are provided at Labaid Hospital. The Special Department of Cardiology is providing very good services. Physicians at LabAid Hospital try their best to provide better services to patients.

Operation Theater:

The hospital has many operating theaters. Notable among which are four operation theaters. Each operation theater has different departments and each operation is specialized. The machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are operated by renowned and foreign doctors of the country. A state-of-the-art service is provided in this operation theater. Every person in Bangladesh is getting quality medical services in this hospital.

Well Operation Theater

Accommodation Facilities:

We have already informed you that LabAid Hospital can accommodate 500 patients and has 500 beds. Patients are treated in a pleasant environment of this hospital. And very clean, the whole floor is cleaned two to three times a day. The most surprising thing is that medical services are provided at a relatively low cost. And arrangements have been made for the stay of relatives of the patient.

500 Patients Capacity


The importance of ambulance in getting the patient to the hospital quickly and taking him to any emergency place is immense. An ambulance is needed to transport the patient quickly. So this medical center has provided 6 state-of-the-art ambulances so that patients can be transported very fast. Besides, it is not a normal ambulance, the ambulance of this hospital has many facilities like oxygen cylinder, monitor, comfortable stretcher and the seats are very soft.

6 Ambulance

Labaid Hospital Doctor List


 Dr. Chanchal Kumar Ghosh

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD

Diabetology & Endocrinology


MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Endocrinology), MACE (USA)


Dr Asia Khanam

MBBS, MD (Nephrology)



MBBS (Dhaka), MD (Cardiology)

Interventional Cardiology

A PM Sohrabuzzaman

MBBS, MD (Card), FCPS (Med)

ENT ( Ear, Nose &Throat)

A. K. M. Mamun Murshed


Internal Medicine & Rheumatology


MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD, Rheumatology (BSMMU),

Cardiac Surgery



Liver & Medicine

Faroque Ahmed

MBBS,Liver & Gastrointestinal

Burn, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Fora Tasnim

Plastic,  MBBS (DMC), MS (Plastic Surgery)

Medicine Specialist






Interventional Neurology


MBBS, Stroke Therapy, HGH (India)

Oral & Dental Surgeon


Dental Clinic

Labaid Hospital is one of the top private state-of-the-art hospitals in Bangladesh.  10,000 people are treated here every day. In addition, state-of-the-art machines are being used to cure diseases and provide accurate treatment. Therefore, patients are much happier and get better services.

On the other hand, the popularity of Labaid Hospital is increasing day by day as a result of good facilities. Relatively affordable services are provided. Everyone is getting service as much as he can. Medicines have been sold at this hospital for several years.

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