Kolkata Ambulance Service, Corona Patients & Virtual Doctor

Currently, the virus has spread across India. Countless people are dying and being attacked in India every day. As a result, it has become very difficult for the government to control the victims of Karna disease. A person should be provided with a certain amount of medical care after suffering from ear disease. But at present there is a shortage of ambulances, nurses and doctors in India.

Due to which the patients have to reach the hospital by ambulance at a distance from home. At present there are not enough cars available due to many patients. And many people do not know the number of Kolkata ambulance. So today we will share the number of Kolkata ambulance with you. So read the completed post carefully. We hope you will get all the information about the ambulance service in Kolkata through this post.

Emergency Numbers for Corona Patients

We will provide some necessary numbers for all the corona patients who will be affected by corona disease. You can get different types of services by calling this number. So call the number below without delay and provide specific treatment to Corona patients. Below we have published the required numbers for the patients suffering from coronary heart disease.


Kolkata 24 Hour Ambulance Service Number

All the people in Kolkata are not able to reach the hospital on time due to the ambulance. And don’t know about the ambulance’s number. Today we will publish the Kolkata Ambulance Number for all those suffering patients. You can call this number to get Corona patients to the hospital quickly. So if you want to get ambulance service during this epidemic, call the numbers below and receive your desired service. So call the ambulance service numbers in Kolkata without delay.

033-4090-2929 (West Bengal Govt. )

033-2219-7202/2241-1255 ( Kolkata Pouroshova )

Virtual Doctor & Pharmaceutical Services

The Corona epidemic in India has made the hospital environment very bad. As a result, patients are not able to take the services of the hospital. So you can contact the virtual doctor from home during coronation. So to contact a virtual doctor, you need to know the personal phone number of the virtual doctor.

So today we will publish the virtual doctor numbers of Kolkata for your convenience. And be able to take medication as advised by the doctor. Doctors will diagnose patients and prescribe medication. So if you want to get the services of a virtual doctor, call the number below. Hope you will benefit.



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