Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur, Doctor List, Helpline Number & Address

Welcome to Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur! Islami Bank Hospital is located in Mirpur. Here you will find high quality services and it is a private hospital. The most popular private hospital in Bangladesh is Islami Bank Hospital. In this hospital the disease is diagnosed using sophisticated instruments. So if you want to get good services in Bangladesh, you can take the services of Islami Bank Hospital. Get a sophisticated and advanced technology complete service.

Many people in Bangladesh go to Islami Bank Hospital and get services. So most people are more interested in learning about Islamic hospitals. So in this post we will inform you about Islami Bank Hospital Emergency Contact Number, Hotline Number, Official Website, Experienced Doctor List and Islami Bank Hospital Address Information. We hope that you will benefit a lot from this information and will be able to take your desired service.

Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur Contact Number

People who take services of Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur branch. They find the contact number of Islamic Bank Hospital Mirpur. They can take the advice of Islami Bank Hospital through contact number. From where the experienced doctor can take the serial in advance. That is why the Islami Bank Hospital counter number is required. Contact numbers are provided. That is where you can take your services.

8802-27110151, 71103225, 7119311, 71225567

Islami Bank Mirpur Email Address Website and Location

If you want to go to Islami Bank Mirpur Hospital, you must know the location well. Otherwise you will not be able to go to the specified address. So if you want to give your specific address, you need to know the correct address. To know the exact address, you need to find the official website and mark the location. So you don’t have to bother to search, because today we are providing below the Islamic Bank Hospital Mirpur address email and website information.

E-mail : [email protected]

Web :

Islami Bank Head Office Number and Address

Those who do not know Islami Bank Mirpur Hospital Head Office. For them today we will provide information about head office and head office. So look at the complete information carefully and remember the location. Then it will be easier to find the Mirpur branch of Islami Bank Hospital. Complete information is provided below.

Islami Bank Head Office :

Al- Raja Complex (10th and 11th floor) 166 Syed Nazrul Islam Saroni, Purana Palton,Dhaka -1000, Bangladesh

Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur Doctor List

Here you will find experienced and quality doctors. Those who have been curing any disease for a long time with a reputation. So if you want to get good doctors and specialist doctors, you can come to Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur. Here you will find experienced and specialist doctors every day. Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur doctor list was provided.

Dr. Khondokar Selena Tasmin (Sumi)

Dr. Mahoba Parveen


Doctor Kazi Salma Rozina


Assistant professor Dr. Saifuddin Saif

(Ear & Nose Specialist)

Dr. MD Ahsan Habib Mukul
(Surgery Specialist)

Associate Professor Dr.Ruhul Amin
Physical Medicine

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