IBBL Agent Banking Helpline Number, Routing Number, Service, Limit, Charge & Swift Code

IBBL Agent Bank is the largest private bank in Bangladesh. Today we will share with you valuable information like IBBL Agent Bank’s helpline number, service, limit, charge and routing number. Agent banking is a new method for Bangladesh. Agent banking has been introduced in all places from villages to cities. You will get customer service in this way from village to city. Bangladesh The first agent banking was introduced in Dhaka. Agent Banking was officially inaugurated on 15th July 2017 at Birulia, Savar, Dhaka. So customers who want to know detailed information about IBBL Agent Banking Services. They need to read the information completed below carefully.

Islami Bank Agent Banking

Agent banking is the provision of limited banking and financial services to the marginalized population through an agent appointed by a bank. Agent is the outlet of a bank through which agent banking services are provided. We will know the purpose of Agent Banking and what services it provides below.

The Purpose of Agent Banking

  • To connect the majority of the people in the rural areas of the country to the mainstream of the economy by bringing them under banking services.
  • To help the people of limited income group to form capital through creation of small savings.
  • Foreign remittance money reaches the recipient quickly and easily.
  • To play a role in employment and income generation of disadvantaged people.
  • Facilitate transactions for rural people.
  • To accelerate the rural economy through neglecting rural farmers and financing the agricultural sector.

Customer Service Through Agent Banking

  1. Payment of foreign remittances all types of bank accounts can be opened
  2. Able to withdraw cash deposits and transfer funds.
  3. Can accept clearing checks.
  4. Check books and debit cards will be provided against each account.
  5. The balance sheet of the accounting account will be searched and the statement of account will be provided.
  6. Utility bills such as (gas, water and electricity) bills will be accepted.
  7. You can withdraw money through POS.
  8. Investment installments and disbursed loan installments will be recovered.

Those Who Can Be Islamic Bank Agents

  • NGOs registered with the Department of Social Welfare.
  • Microcredit can be a registered micro-investment institution under the economy.
  • The co-operative society can be a co-operative society formed under 2001.
  • Government offices having branches / units.
  • Local government town and village rural offices and all union information and service centers.
  • Any approved bank institution in Bangladesh.

IBBL Agent Banking Routing Number

This routing number is provided through the authority of the bank. When money is transacted. Then this routing number is required. That is why this number is very necessary for any customer branch / bank to transact money. It is very important for IBBL Agent Banking customers to remember this number. Because you need to know this number to transact financially. This number is a total of nine. The first three digits are the bank code, then the two district codes, the next three digits are the branch codes and the last digits are the check codes. Below is the Islami Bank Agent Banking Number provided.

IBBL Agent Bank Routing Number


Islami Bank Agent Banking Helpline Number

When it comes to transacting money in Islami Bank, there can be many problems. So Islami Bank has launched helpline number to provide customer service. From where they can easily take their customer service. So today we have collected the help number of Islami Bank Agent Banking and will share it with you. The following number is given.

IBBL Helpline Number


Islami Bank Agent Banking Transaction Limit

Many customers of Islami Bank do not know about the transaction limit of Islami Bank. That’s why we created this post to give you an idea about their transactions. Islami Bank customers will be able to withdraw 10 lakh tk per day. That’s why customers who didn’t know about transaction limits yet. They will be able to withdraw up to 10,00000 Tk from IBBL Bank.

Transaction Limit

10,00000 Per Day


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