Huawei p30 Pro Price, Camera, Release Date, Features, Specification, Storage

Huawei phone is the number one mobile phone brands in the worldwide. Huawei technologies company ltd Chinese company known as Huawei. Huawei mobile phone company is a multinational companies. This company founded on 15 September 1987 . Huawei technologies company ltd founder name is Renzhengfei. Renzhengfei is a CEO of Huawei technology mobile. Huawei company produce huge technology product in the market. Some manufacturers product include smart TV, Tablet Computer, Smart phone, Mobile phone, Fixed broadband networks and multimedia technology.

Today, I will discuss about the phone Huawei P30 Pro. In this time Huawei p30 Pro is more powerful and high quality smart phone. We also inform about the smart phone spaces, Features, Design, Release date and Price. The latest technologies mobile phone include 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. 6.47 inches fresh looking display and high processor. Main camera 40 MP and font camera 32 MP.

 Camera :

When young generations buy the mobile phone. Then first look mobile phone camera. Huawei P30 Pro has two bunch of camera. Main camera 40 megapixels and another font camera is 32 megapixels. Most important things it has provide zoom facilities is 5X optical zoom camera, time of flights depth sensor, more brightness Duel- LED flash and laser autofocus emitter. Customers all needs and prospect complete the Huawei P30 .Huawei P30 Pro Modern technologies high quality smart phone. This phone is most attractive and update android version, Strong processor, Long life Battery, Colorful displays and large space RAM and ROM.

Display :

Display is very important part of mobile phones. Display protect the mobile phone screen. Huawei P30 Pro display screen size is 6.47 inches and with touch screen. Displays aspect ratio is 9.5.9 . I is also include high resolution 1080× 2340 pixels.

Battery :

Huawei p30 Pro battery is long lasting battery capacity. It has supported wireless fast charging and it up to 15 wireless fast charging. It also facilitates leave over charge Qi- Balance device.

Storage Capacity :

You are so lucky Huawei p30 Pro given 256 GB large RAM capacity. You can easily save more information on the devices and 8 GB RAM for software technology. External memory card facilities are available in the mobile phone.

Huawei P30 Pro Release Date :

Huawei p30 Pro already available in the market. One of the best quality products, When the product to release time in the local market. In the present time Huawei p30 Pro running successful in Bangladesh and over the world. Huawei p30 Pro first release 19 march 2021. Market demand more high and customer are satisfied.

Huawei P30 Pro Price :

Huawei p30 Pro is top level mobile phone. It has more facilities such as pay to Apple and Samsung expensive mobile. Huawei p30 Pro price is only 59500 taka. Huawei p30 Pro is RAM, ROM and camera processor Modern technology users products.

Huawei p30 Pro price 59500 taka.

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