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GP Minutes Offers : Grameenphone All Minutes package 2021

Grameenphone is the number one telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh. Grameenphone’s network is very strong all over Bangladesh. That’s why GP has offered different types of minute packs for customers. We will let you know about Grameenphone’s minute package offer. If you are a GP customer. Then read the whole thing carefully and enjoy the GP offer pack of your choice.

Grameenphone All Minutes Offers 2021

Grameenphone offers are always affordable for the customers. Moreover, Grameenphone always offers a variety of offers from which customers can choose the mini pack. The list of Grameenphone’s minute packages will be given below. From that you can choose any one as per your demand. We always publish the updated information of Grameenphone. Many of you do not know how to take the minute package of Grameenphone. So we will know about the activation code and expiration date of your Grameenphone minute packages.

How to Buy GP Minutes Offers 2021

Grameenphone has many minute package offers. Today we will inform you about all the minute package offers of Grameenphone. There are many GP users, they do not know how to purchase GP minutes. Today we will give them good news. If you want to purchase GP minute pack. Then you have to choose any one minute pack from the list below. Then you have to dial the package activation code at that minute. After a while you will be informed via SMS that your package has been successful.

GP 4 Minutes offer 2021

The lowest minute package offer for GP customers is the GP 4 minute offer. You only get 4 minutes to get this offer. If you purchase this offer then the package will cost only 2.44 taka. With it you will get 4 GP 4 minutes. To activate this offer, dial *121*4822#. Duration is only four hours.

GP 10 minute offer 2021

Another affordable package GP 10 minutes offer for customers. All types of Grameenphone customers can avail this package. If you want to buy this package, the price will be only 5.70 taka. This minute pack offer allows you to talk to all types of numbers. Which will be valid for only 6 hours.

To buy the offer Dial *121*4024#

GP 17 Minutes offer 2021

17 minutes offer in exchange of 10 taka. GP This package costs 10 rupees and is valid for 12 hours. If you purchase the package you get 17 minutes. With which you can talk to all numbers. To purchase the package you have to

Dial * 121*4* 8*4 #

GP 25 Minute Offer 2021

Another small pack for GP customers is the 25 minute offer. 25 minute pack offer price 14 taka. GP gets only 14 taka for 25 minutes and its duration is only 16 hours. To purchase

GP 25 minute offer Dial *121*4001#

GP 42 Minute Offer 2021

What was previously offered by GP customers for 40 minutes is now closed. Due to which now the new package is GP 42 minutes offer. If this offer is active, you will get 42 minutes immediately and the purchase price will be 24 taka. You can talk to any local number by purchasing this package and it is valid for 24 hours. To purchase the package

Dial *121*4002#

GP 75 Minute Offer 2021

GP 75 minutes is an affordable package. Due to which the validity of this package is 4 days and you get 75 minutes with it. GP 75 minutes offer package costs 43taka. GP 75 Minutes Offer Activation Code *121*4*8*6#

Dial *121*4*8*6#

GP 80 Minute Offerffer 2021

GP 80 minutes offer is very easy to take. You can avail this gorgeous offer through GP app. All types of GP customers can avail this offer through GP app and the validity of this package is 7 days. GP 80 minutes package price 53 taka. Customers who want to avail this offer with activation code need to dial *121*48*7*1# for GP customers.

dial *121*48*7*1#

GP 100 Minute Offerffer 2021

The GP 100 minute offer is not a recharge offer. Or can’t dial. You can take this 100 minute offer directly from GP app. You can also take the 100 minute offer from the GP official website. There are many ways to take this offer. We will give you how to take the offer. If you are a GP customer then the 100 minute offer will cost  69.80 taka for 7 days. If you purchase the 100 minute offer package for 15 days, the package will cost  73.29 taka. And if you buy for 30 days, the package will cost 85.5 23 taka.a


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