Evaly Discount Offer, Bike Offer, Helpline & CE0 Number

Evaly is a popular e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. At present, the people of Bangladesh rely heavily on Evaly. Purchases more products from Evaaly. In just two years, Bangladesh has got a lot of customers. Evaly is always the most successful e-commerce business in Bangladesh. Evaly has the most customers in e-commerce business in Bangladesh. They are not satisfied with this customer, they want to increase their customer base by increasing their products and services. So many customers do not know about Evaly discount offer. Today we will tell you about Evaly bike discount offer, discount offer, Evaly CEO number and important information.

So since you are buying a lot of products from Evaly. Evaly is always ready to serve the people of Bangladesh. So customers can have a lot of problems. Today we will share some necessary numbers for customer service. There are many customers who have purchased the product but have not received it yet. So they have to solve the problem by talking to the official call center. Many people are interested in Evaly bikes and want to know about the discount offers. Today we have collected this necessary information for all those customers and will share it with you.

Evaly Food Customer Care Number

You can purchase numerous food items from Evaly. Because Evely has dealt with a lot of food items. You can purchase any food item from Evaly. Many times customers are late in getting the product in hand and there are various problems. Today we will share a contact number. Where you have a problem with food items. Then you can solve your problem by talking directly to the evaly representative. Hope your problem will be solved soon.


Evaly Helpline Number

Evaly is meeting the needs of many customers in Bangladesh. Since providing lots of customer service. Many times the customer may have a problem. You can report your complaint by talking to Evaly Customer Care. The Evaly Customer Care Representative will try to resolve your issue. If you want to talk to Evaly Customer Care, you can call from 9 am to 5 pm. The call center will be open on Fridays. If you want to talk to customer care on Friday, you can talk from 6 am to 5 pm. So the Evaly Customer Care Representative will do its utmost to solve your problem.


Evaly CEO Email Address

There are many customers who want to know about the email address of the founder and CEO of Evali. So we have collected Evali CO contact numbers, official email addresses and personal e-mail addresses. Any customer can contact COO directly via email if they want. Any customer in Bangladesh can send their comments and questions via email. Customer feedback is very important to Evaly CEO. Because the CO is always ready to provide customer service. So if you have a problem, you can contact him directly.

Evaly offers 65% Discount Offer

Evali only offers attractive offers for their customers. Currently 65% ​​discount is being offered by purchasing products from Avali. So you can order products from Avali without delay. This discount offer is for a limited time only. They quickly grabbed the discount offers from Evali. Remember again the 65% discount offer is for a limited time only.

Evaly 65% ​​Discount Offer

Evaly Bike Offer

There are many young generation in Bangladesh who want to buy a bike at a very low price. So good news for those customers. Because bikes are being sold at very low prices from Evaly. Offering maximum discounts only for Evaly customers. So there is an opportunity to buy a bike at a very low price this time without delay. If you want to buy a good type of bike at a very low price, contact Evaly quickly.

Evaly Bike Offer

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