Evaly Customer Care Number Email Address & Head Office

Evaly is a Bangladeshi e-commerce platform. Evaly Customers Customer Care Email Address Contact Number and other necessary information can be found in this post. Evaly has been doing business in Bangladesh for only two years but Bangladesh has a lot of customers. As many customers as Evaly have, they are not satisfied with their service so customers have to call customer care to get their help because Evaliy cannot deliver products like everyone else.

So to solve your problem you need to talk to the Evaly representative whether you have bought some products from Evaly or have not received any products yet. So we suggest contacting Evaly customer service number. We have collected Evaly official call center number, email address and necessary information. Here, social media profile and email address information can be found. Customers can get it through the official website

Evaly Helpline Number

If you want to talk to the Evaly helpline number. Then you can talk to Evaly Customer Care Executive by calling the Customer Care number from 9am to 5pm. Evaly Customer Care Number 09638111666. You can get any information service from the call center. This call center is also open on Fridays and provides service from 6 am to 5:45 pm. You may have to wait a long time. Because there are many customers who have money transactions and various kinds of problems. Which is why I have to give a little time.
Customer Care Number 09638111666

Evaly Customer Care Email Address

If you can’t talk to the customer care agent via phone call. Then you can contact the other way. That is, you can tell your problem to the representative through the email address and you can solve the problem. The question you have should be sent by email. You need to write your complaint and send it to After a few hours / weeks, the customer care representative will reply to your mail. We can’t guarantee you the right time. Because customers are having a lot of trouble. So take time to solve your problem.
In the end, we were able to share and explain everything with you. Evali customers can take services from their social media websites. You can try the process and use social media for help. If more information about Avali customer service is needed. You can contact us. We will try to solve your problem quickly.
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Evaly CEO Email

A CEO manages the entire company and assumes important responsibilities. So customers often find the CEO contact, address, number, email address and official email address. So today we have collected Evali CEO Contact Number, Email Address, WhatsApp Number, Email Address Address and are going to share it with you. So we know most customers will benefit from getting this important information.

Evaly Discount Offer

Evely is becoming very popular in Bangladesh day by day. Because people’s daily necessities are being offered at very low prices and attractive discounts. Nowadays Skyscraper is offering. You can purchase 65% discount products from Avali. So he took the discount offer from Italy without delay. Evali offers 65% discount on various resort bets, watches, fan luggage and technology products. So all the customers who want to buy Evali product. They can order the product from Evali very soon. Because the 65% discount offer is for a very limited time.

 Evaly 65% Discount Offer


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