Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule 2022 & Ticket Price

Those passengers who are thinking of traveling from Dhaka to Tangail by train! They can easily travel to Tangail by different types of trains. There are many passengers who have no idea about train ticket price, train schedule and stoppage. So for their convenience we are today. I will present to you and give you an idea about the trains that have been launched to travel from Dhaka to Tangail. There are as many districts of North Bengal in Bangladesh. All have to go through the district of Tangail. So as many trains as there are in North Bengal, all the trains have to cross Tangail. You can travel to Tangail by all the trains in North Bengal. So there are many trains from Dhaka to Tangail. You can go to Tangail at any time. We will give you the details of Tangail train.

If you want to have a comfortable and risk free journey. Then you can go to the modern trains of Tangail. Here you can travel very comfortably and completely risk-free. You can buy tickets for Tangail online. You can also purchase tickets from the ticket station master. Since there are many trains in Tangail, you can read the tickets online and get the tickets from the ticket counter. A minimum of ten trains travel daily from Dhaka to Tangail. So you can easily buy a ticket on any one train.

Tangail Train Schedule From Dhaka

Trains from Dhaka to Tangail start from Kamalapur railway station. In addition, many people buy tickets for Tangail from the airport station. We have already said that if you go to Tangail, you will get a minimum of ten trains. So there is no reason to be impatient, you can travel to Tangail effortlessly at any time. So if you want to travel comfortably and risk free, you can go by train to Tangail. Today we will announce the complete Tangail train schedule. Please read the entire post carefully and remember the train schedule.

Train Name  Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Dhumketu Express 06.00 08.30 Saturday
Nilsagar Express 04.55 07.10 Sunday
 Sundarbans Express 3.30 05.40 Tuesday
Ekta Express 5.45 08.10 NO
Sirajganj Express 08.00 10.15 Sturday
Silkcity Express 11.10 13.30 Sunday
Chitra Express 19.00 21.15 Monday
Durotojan Express 16.10 18.10 Wednesday
Lalmoni Express 18.50 20.55 Friday

Ticket Price from Dhaka to Tangail Train

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Tangail by train, you can buy different types of tickets. Among them, you can buy tickets for Shovon, Shovon Chair, Fast Berth, Smoothness AC, AC Berth etc. So you can travel to Tangail by purchasing any one ticket of your choice. Below are the categories and ticket prices.

Class Name Ticket Price
Shovon 90 Tk
Shovon Chair 110 TK
First Class Seat 180 TK
Fast Berth 140 Tk
Cinigdha  AC 210 TK
AC Berth 320 TK

It is better to travel from Tangail to Dhaka and from Dhaka to Tangail by train. You can reach your destination comfortably and easily by train. So if you want to travel by train from Dhaka, you must keep some things in mind. That is to buy a ticket. You can reach your destination well by buying a ticket. If you have any information or opinion about this train, you can let us know in the comment box. We will try to solve your problem. Thanks.


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