Dhaka to Sylhet Bus Schedule 2021- Ticket Price, Counter Number, Address

Buses are the only means of transportation from Dhaka to Sylhet. If you have an idea about the bus schedule to go from Dhaka to Sylhet. Then you can enjoy a lot by traveling. If you want to go to Sylhet from Dhaka. Then you should know the details about the bus schedule. We will help you with various information about the bus schedule, current ticket price and correct counter number. Travel time from Dhaka to Sylhet Highway is 5 to 6 hours. A lot of the time it can take longer depending on the road. The bus operator always determines the price of the ticket. However, the fare from Dhaka to Sylhet will start from Rs 400 to Rs 1200.

Dhaka to Sylhet Bus Schedule 2021

If you want to travel in a pleasant environment. Then you can go to Dhaka to Sylhet route. The total journey from Dhaka to Sylhet is 245 km. It is usually possible to reach Sylhet from Dhaka in five hours. Many times it may take longer due to the road. There are mostly two schedules on this route. That is the schedule of day and night. The price of the bus ticket depends on the companies. There are different prices according to the bus. The price of AC buses is one of a kind. They are a little higher in comparison. And non-AC buses cost a little less. Talking to different types of operators and with reliable information from the counter, we will share the ticket prices with you. Tickets for the Dhaka to Sylhet bus range from Rs 400 to Rs 500. Tickets for non-AC buses cost from Rs 400 to Rs 500. And the price of AC tickets is 950 to 1200 rupees. Many times the price may be more or less for the bus operator. The schedule of Dhaka to Sylhet bus is given below.

Dhaka to Sylhet Bus List

You will get a lot of buses from Dhaka to Sylhet. The companies have multiple buses. Their buses go to different places in Bangladesh. So you can easily get the buses from the bus terminal. Many times AC and non-AC buses are preferred. If you prefer AC bus, you can take AC bus ticket. Again if you prefer non AC bus. Then prefer non AC bus. Then you can go by non AC bus. You can go to Sylhet from Dhaka by any bus according to your schedule. The information is given below.

Bus Name :

AC Buses :
  1. London Express
  2. Goldenline Paribahan
  3. Greenline Paribahan
  4. Ena Transport
  5. SaintMartin Paribahan

Non AC Buses:

  1. Shyamoli paribahan
  2. Shyamoli Paribahan NR
  3. Mamun Enterprise
  4. Hanif Enterprise
  5. Unique Service
  6. Al Mobaraka
  7. RP Aliganch
  8. Ena Transport Mobaraka

Dhaka to Sylhet Bus Ticket Price

If you want to go from Dhaka to Sylhet, it is mandatory to know the bus schedule. Because you can’t actually get a car at the wrong time. So if you want to travel from Dhaka to Sylhet. Then first you need to know about the bus schedule to travel from Dhaka to Sylhet. You may miss the bus if you do not have the correct information. And the second thing is to know about the price of the bus from Dhaka to Sylhet.
Some people may take money from you for their profit. Again some people may deceive you. So don’t buy tickets from anywhere else. You can buy tickets directly from the counter and buy tickets online. We are paying the price of the bus from Dhaka to Sylhet below.
London Express 1200 TK
Goldenline Paribahan 1000 TK

1200 TK

Greenline Paribahan 950 TK

1200 TK

Ena Transport 1200 TK
BUS NAME Tickets PRICE  ( Non AC)
Shyamoli paribhan 470 TK
Mamun Enterprise 400 TK
Hanif Enterprise 470 TK
Unique Service 470 TK
Al Mobaraka 470 TK
Ena Transport Mobaraka 470 TK
RP Aliganch 470 TK
Shyamoli Paribahan NR 470 TK

Dhaka to Sylhet Bus Counter Number and Address

If you travel regularly from Dhaka to Sylhet, then you should have an idea about the bus schedule of this route. It is very important to know the counter number and address. Because if you face any kind of harassment. And if you want to get any information then of course you need to know their information. You can book tickets from the number we will give and you can get any problem solved. Shyamoli Paribahan is the only good transport from Dhaka to Sylhet. Shyamli Paribahan is well known and popular on this road.

Bus Name Counter and contact number in Dhaka division Counter and contact number in Sylhet division







Green Line Paribahan

Rajarbagh Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9342580, 02-9339623Arambagh Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7192301, 01730-060009Fakirapul Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7191900, 01730-060013Syedabad Counter, Dhaka
Phone:Kala bagan Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9133145, 01730-060006

Kalyanpur Khalek Pump Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-8032957, 01730-060080

Kalyanpur Sohrab Pump Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01730-060081

Uttara Ajampur Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01970-060075

Uttara Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01970-060076

Badda Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01970-060074

NORDA Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01730-060098

BRTC International Bus Terminal Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01730-060060

Golapbug Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 0447-8660011


Sylhet Subhani Gate Counters, Sylhet city
Phone: 01730-060036Mazar Gate Counters, Sylhet city
Phone: 01970-060034Kadamtali Counters, Sylhet city
Phone: 01970-060036Humayam Rashid Counters, Sylhet city
Phone: 01970-060036 




Ena Transport


Mohakhali Bus Terminal Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01760-737650, 01619-737650, 01869-802725Airport – Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01760-737652, 01869-802726, 01872-604498, 01872-695911Uttara BGB Market Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01760-737651, 01869-802728Tongi Station Road Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01760-737653Fakirapul bus stand Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802736, 01872-604475

Mirpur Counter, Dhaka 11/5 City Club
Phone: 01869-802731, 01878-059201

Abdullahpur BusStandard Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802729, 017989-11752, 01610-449903, 01872-625733

Manik Nagar Bissho Road Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802737, 01872-604476, 01872-604477, 01872-695900

Fakirapul Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802736

Modhy Badda Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802735, 01872-604495

Kuril Bissho Road Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802733

Mirpur 10 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01878-059201

Kanchakshat Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802732,

Chittagong Road Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802739, 01872-604480

Sayedabad Highway Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802738, 01872-604478

TT Para Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01872-604492, 01872-695899

Shonir Akhra Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01872-604479

Mirpur-11 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01869-802731

Ciora Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01872-604489

Bonoshree Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01872-605910

Kacpur Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01872-695909


Sylhet bus terminals Counter, Sylhet
Phone: 01760-079986, 01760-079987, 01619-737650Mazar Gate Counter, Sylhet
Phone: 01611-950750Sobhani Ghat Counter, Sylhet
Phone: 01680-292430Goala Bazar Counter, Sylhet
Phone: 01715-465433Biyani Bazar Bus Stand Counter, Sylhet
Phone: not in use



SaintMartin Paribahan

Arambagh Counters Office, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-691341, 01762-691339.Fakirapul Counters Office, Dhaka
Phone: 01762691350,01762-691342.Panthapath Counters Office, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-691364Kalyanpur Counters Office, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-691353Chittagong Road Counters Office, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-691343






London Express

Arambag Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01701-220011

Kalabagan Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01701-220033

Uttara Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01701-220012


Humaion Rashid Chattar Counter, Sylhet

Phone: 01701-220055

Sobahani Gate Counter, Sylhet
Phone: 01701-220056

Dorga Gate Counter, Sylhet
Phone: 01701-220057





Golden Line Paribahan

Dhaka Counter

Phone: 02-8052622, 01755-522211

Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01705-408500

Nabinagar Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7793263, 01733-208884

Rayer Bazar Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01733-208885

Bou Bazar Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01733-208883

Rajoir Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01733-208895

Teker hat Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01733-399825, 01733-208887

Gulistan Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01733-036003, 01709-642565
Sayedabad-1 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01709-642585

Sayedabad-2 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01709642595

Section of Golden Line Transportation-

To know any complaints, suggestions, information, etc. of the Golden Line transport –
Hotline: 09613000333.
Mobile: 01713-488183, 01709-642590.







Unique Service

240 / A, Bagbari, north side of Gabtali bus terminal,

Abdul, Majid Khan under the tower.

Phone: 0290027710, 01963-622223

15, BTRC Market, Kalyanpur.
Foam 01963-622244, 01821-498833

Assad Gate, (previously in the passenger shelter at the side.
Phone: 029133917, 01963-622255

13/12 Ayesha Complex, Pantha Path, Sukra bad.
Phone: 029133028, 01963-622279.

Fakirapul, (under the footstep of Hotel Assar)
Phone: 027195761, 027195988, 01963-622226, 01963-622227

Below the Fakira Pool T & T Colony Mosque.
Phone: 0271912337, 027195987, 01963-622288

36 Kamala Pur, nearby the BRTC Counter.
Phone: 02 9337846, 01963-622299

60/1 otish Dipankar Road, north side of Mugada stadium.
Phone: 027277372, 027278175, 01963-62230, 01963-622231.

Golapbagh Stadium Market
Phone: 02-7540027, 01963-622232

Saidabad, nearby the house gates.
Phone: 02-7540058, 01963-622233

10/1-C, Sayedabad.
Phone: 02-7546377, 01963-622234.

33, Sayedabad Highway Road (janopoth mor Road)
Phone: 02-7540012, 01963-622235.

88/4, North Jatrabari (beside Uttara Bank)
Phone: 02-7540008, 01963-622236.

Chittagong Road (release memorial)
Phone: 01963-622237, 01819-692079

Office of kocuket
Phone: 01963-622239, 01711-023886

Mirpur 10, Dhaka.
Phone: 02-8054813, 01963-622240

Nardda Booking Office
Phone: 01963-622238, 01559-666468


Mazar Gate -1

Phone: 01963-62245

Mazar Gate-2
Phone: 01963-62224

Sobhani Ghat
Phone: 01963-622247

Phone: 01963-622248

Humayun Chattar
Phone: 01963-622244











Shyamoli Paribahan

Technical Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01865-068922.

Asad Gate Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-8124881, 02-9124514, 01714-619173.

Kollyanpur-1 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-8091161.

Kalyanpur office, 12 South Kalyanpur, Mirpur Road
Phone: 02-9003331, 01716-478951.

Kalyanpur-2 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9003331, 02-8034275, 02-8360241, 02-8091162.

Kalabagan Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9141047.

Arambag Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7194291, 02-7192215, 02-7193915.

Sayedabad Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7541336

Sayedabad Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7541249.

Counter of Sayedabad 3 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7550071

Counter of Sayedabad 7 Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7541953

Fakirapul Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7193725

Malibag Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01865-068927

Uttara Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7541249, 02-7914336.

NORDA Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-55050218

Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01865-068930

KP BRTC Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-8091183

Gabtoli Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01865-068925

Gabtali Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9014359

Gabtali Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9014561

Gabtoli Mazar Road Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9011100

Gabtali NS Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 01865-068924

Gabtali VIP Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9002624

Panthapath Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9112327

Panthapath office, Russell Square bend
Phone: 02-9102082, 01711-040881.

Kamalapur Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-48316246

BRTC Bus Depot, Kamalapur Counter, Dhaka
Phone: 02-58312094, 02-49353882.


Kadamtali No 1

At present people are spending their days in busyness. So to save your time. I have made everything easy with the information of bus schedule, ticket price and counter number from Dhaka to Sylhet route. So from now on you will have an idea about the schedule and ticket price from Dhaka to Sylhet.

You will reach the destination by traveling in the beauty of nature and pleasant environment of Sylhet. I hope you enjoy the trip. Thanks.


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