Dhaka to Santahar Train Schedule & Ticket Price

You can easily go to Santahar by train from Dhaka. You will get 6 trains from Dhaka to Santahar. Very comfortable and risk free travel on 6 trains. Most of the people in Bangladesh travel by Santahar train, because it is a very comfortable journey by train. Compared to train fares, the destination is very low, very comfortable and can be reached in a natural environment. Many people do not know about the train schedule from Dhaka to Santahar. So today we did this post for them. Those who travel regularly from Dhaka to Santahar. The complete train schedule is given below. Read very carefully and keep the information.

You will get different types of trains from Dhaka to Santahar. Among them are Ekta Express, Lalmoni Express, Duronto Express, Nilsagar Express, Rangpur Express and Panchagarh Express. Where you can travel well easily and cheaply. Today we will provide the schedule of Santahar train from Dhaka along with the ticket price. So read the full post and find out the price of Santahar ticket from Dhaka.

Dhaka to Santahar Train Schedule 2021

The distance from Dhaka to Santahar is about 250 kilometers. If you want to go to Santahar from Dhaka, you can go by 6 trains. You will go to Santahar from Dhaka by these sophisticated trains. Each train is modern finished and luxurious train. In which you will get many opportunities. Those who like long trips. They can easily go through the trains. Notable among them are Lalmoni Express, Duronto Express, Nilsagar Express, Rangpur Express, Panchagarh Express. You can easily get on these trains. These 6 trains are famous and luxurious trains in Bangladesh. So you can go very easily. Besides, today we will inform you about the train schedule, train start time from Dhaka to Santahar start time and arrival time, train holidays.

Train Name Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Nilsagar Express 06;40 12:15 Sunday
 Panchogor Express 22:45 04:10 NO
Ekta Express 10:10 16:00 NO
Durotojan Express 20:00 01:15 Wednesday
Lalmoni Express 21:45 03:35 Friday
 Rangpur Express 09:10 15:10 Monday

Dhaka to Santahar Ticket Price 2021

The role of the train journey for a comfortable and fun pastime is immense. So many people think that traveling by train costs a lot of money. But in reality it is different. You can travel anywhere on the train at a very affordable rate and the price of the train ticket is very low. You can pick up the train ticket from the station counter if you want. You can also purchase tickets online. Today I will provide the price categories of train ticket from Dhaka to Santahar. From here you can easily see the price of the train ticket.

Class Name Ticket Price
Shovon 300 Tk
Shovon Chair 360 Tk
First Class Seat 480 Tk
Fast Berth 715 Tk
Cinigdha 600 Tk
AC 720 Tk
AC Berth 1060 Tk

Dhaka to Santahar Online Ticket Price

There are many who do not like to buy tickets from the counter. They can easily purchase tickets online. Buying tickets online is the best way to deal with the current situation. Because for your safety you can collect tickets online, without having to risk buying tickets from the counter. You don’t have to bother too much for that. You can purchase any one of the tickets from the online platform or from the official website.

If you have any comments or concerns about this train schedule, please contact us. We will try to solve your problem. Thank you.


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