Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Schedule 2021- Ticket Price & Contact Number

If you want to go to Patuakhali, you must go by water. There is no other alternative. Usually people from Barisal and Patuakhali travel by launch. There are some passengers who travel to Patuakhali by continuous launch. You will get launches of different prices to go to Patuakhali. So you have to make a selection as to what type of launch you will travel to Patuakhali. Every day innumerable people travel by Patuakhali launch. So you can buy any one ticket as per your interest.

In today’s post, we will inform you about the schedule of Patuakhali launch from Dhaka, ticket price and required contact number. So read the whole post patiently and collect the numbers. So that you can book your launch ticket and have a comfortable trip.

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Facilities

Do you want to take a risk-free trip. Then of course the launch ride will be better for you. Because innumerable people are constantly traveling from Dhaka to Patuakhali and from Patuakhali to Dhaka by launch. You will get different types of facilities in this journey launch. For example you will get AC cabin, there are non AC cabin, single cabin and double cabin. Each launch seat is very comfortable. There are also many people hired to serve you. Who will provide you with different types of facilities. Dinner and lunch are available for you. So there are numerous benefits for each passenger that you can take advantage of.

Distance and time of Patuakhali launch from Dhaka

A lot of people are curious to know. What is the distance from Dhaka to Patuakhali? Besides, how long does it take to go from Dhaka to Patuakhali. Today I have provided the valuable information below to solve those questions.

  • Road : Dhaka-patuakhali waterway
  • Time: 10h 00min(Via Patuakhai Waterway)
  • Distance: Distance between Dhaka and Patuakhali is 176KM.

Dhaka to Patuakhali best Launch Booking & Service

From Dhaka to Patuakhali Patuakhali I am providing the list of the best launches, contact numbers, ticket booking numbers. One of the means of transportation to Patuakhali is launch and waterway. Most people travel depending on the stage on the launch. If you want to travel to Patuakhali, you have to collect good launch tickets in advance. Otherwise tickets are not always available. So the numbers you need to get tickets in advance. We will give them to you. But you have to choose the best launches. If you select one of the launches from the list that we will give you. Hope you can have a good trip.

Launch Name Contact Number Ticket Booking
MV Sundarban 14 01711 358 810, 01714 017 272 01716 341 685
Sundarban 9 01765 766 666 01716 341 685
MV Sundarban 8 01714 017 272, 01765 766 666 01716 341 685
MV Prince Awlad 7 01760 998 536 01722 379 434
MV Kajal 7 01798 849 747, 01712 511 792 01737 301 363
MV Kuakata 1 01736 620 580 01799 910 034
MV Sattar Khan 1 01795 979 364 01753 510 320
MV Prince of Rasel 4 01707 603 567 01722 379 434
OfficeMV A R Khan 1 01823 391 563, 01763 636 294 01723 391563

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Contact Number and Schedule

The launch schedule is an important issue. Not knowing the time properly can be a big embarrassment. Every conscious person should know the exact time to travel on the launch. But current passengers do not know the exact time of the launch. That is why they are often confused and embarrassed. The launch time should be known to get rid of this embarrassment. That’s why for your convenience, we have collected all the launch schedule and necessary contact numbers. So that you can benefit.

Launch Name

Contact Number

Departs Time

Surovi Launch 01718-453989 8.30pm
MV Kirtonkhola Launch 01778 786 954 7.45pm
Greenline Launch 01798 288691 7.45pm
MV Farhan 5 01711344745 8:30
Dipraz Launch 01711344747 5.45pm
Parabat Launch 01711330642 9:00 pm
Sundrbon Launch 01711-358838 10:00 am
Sirajdikhan Launch 7.45pm

Patuakhali launch schedule from Dhaka

Do you want to go to Patuakhali with the launch of your choice? Then you must know the schedule from Dhaka to Patuakhali. Then you can only go to the launch of your choice. Therefore, today we will publish the complete launch schedule from Dhaka to Patuakhali. So that every passenger can travel in the launch of their choice. The complete launch schedule from Dhaka to Patuakhali was given.

Surovi Launch
MV Kirtonkhola Launch
Greenline Launch
MV Farhan 5
Dipraz Launch
Parabat Launch
Sundrbon Launch
Sirajdikhan Launch

Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Ticket Price

Ticket Category


Deck 200 Tk
VIP-1 4000 Tk
VIP-2 4000 Tk
VIP-3 4000 Tk
VIP-4 3000 Tk
Semi VIP 2600 Tk
Cabin Single 850 Tk
Cabin Double 1600 Tk
Family Cabin 1700 Tk
Sofa 500 TK

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