Dhaka To Nepal Bus Tickets Price 2022

An agreement was signed between the three countries to provide bus service from Dhaka to Nepal. The signatories were India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. It is better to cross Panchagarh Banglabandha border from Dhaka and reach Nepal directly through Siliguri in India. The Nepal border will reach its destination in the capital Kathmandu via Kakarvita. On April 23, two buses set off from Dhaka for a two-day preparatory trial in Nepal. Although the agreement was a three-year agreement, but now as a result of good relations between the three countries, Continu Shyamoli Transport is coming and going. In 2015, Shyamoli Paribahan launched the first bus service from Dhaka to Nepal. The Asian Highway connecting Bangladesh has been repaired and improved.

Several buses from Bangladesh regularly ply from Dhaka to Nepal. If you want to go to Nepal, you must have a passport visa. Stay tuned for international bus services and ticket price lists. We will assist you with the price list, distance and roadmap information of Dhaka to Nepal bus ticket.

Dhaka To Nepal Online Tickets

There are several expensive private bus services from Dhaka to Kathmandu, Nepal. He will be able to travel in buses in a luxurious way. Notable among the various categories are Volvo, Volbo City, Volbo Multi Excel, Mercedes-Benz, AC and Non AC Slipper. Dear passengers, for your convenience, there is a golden opportunity to collect bus tickets from Dhaka to Nepal through online e-service. When collecting tickets online, you have to confirm the ticket by filling in the name of the passenger and the mobile number in the space provided. There is an opportunity to cancel and change tickets from the online website. Arrive at the ticket counter before the scheduled departure time of the bus.

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Dhaka to Nepal Road Map

Initially, if you want to travel anywhere, you should get an idea about the road map in advance. The bus first left for Siliguri via Panchagah,  Banglabandha in Bangladesh. The second step is to reach the last stop from Siliguri to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. This journey takes a long time.

Dhaka to Nepal Distance

The distance from Dhaka to Kathmandu is 1200 kilometers. This long journey takes 35 to 40 hours. Many times when there is a natural disaster the journey time takes more. But now with the improvement of the Asian Road, this route can be crossed in a very short time.

  • Distance – 1200 kilometers
  • Time – 35-40 Hours
  • Road – Asian Highway

Dhaka To Nepal Bus Tickets Price 2021

Per People Bangladesh ( Tk ) American  (USD) Nepal ( NPR)
1 Person 2920   Taka 34 USD 4050 NPR
2 People 5850      Taka 68 USD 8880 NPR
3 People 8750     Taka 102 USD 12120 NPR
4 People 11660    Taka 136 USD 16150 NPR
5 People 14580    Taka 170 USD 20200 NPR
6 People 17500    Taka 204 USD 24230 NPR
7 People 20400    Taka 238 USD 28200 NPR

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