Dhaka to Kolkata Bus Ticket Price 2022 & Bus Schedule

There are many similarities between all Bengalis living in Dhaka and Calcutta. Among them are significant linguistic similarities and the language of both the countries is Bengali. Every day innumerable people travel from Dhaka to Kolkata in need or tour. There are many good relations between the two countries due to the family pull of the Hindu community of Bangladesh to travel to Calcutta, medical services, education, business purposes and other purposes.

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Those who need to travel regularly from Dhaka to Kolkata. It is very important for them to buy tickets in advance. He will find out in our post today for all the passengers. Price of Dhaka to Kolkata bus ticket, online ticket booking, counter address and required contact number. You can collect tickets to Kolkata from many counters in Dhaka district. All the information is provided at the counters where you can get tickets.

Dhaka to Kolkata Bus Schedule

Adequate information should be kept about the schedule of all buses from Dhaka to Kolkata. Plan a master plan before traveling to Kolkata. Then collect the tickets according to the plan and travel at the scheduled time. Schedule table of AC and non AC buses from Dhaka is provided.

Bus Names First  Trip Last Trip
Desh Travels 22:15 23:55
Shyamoli Poribohon 22:15 23:55
Green Line 22:15 23:55
Royal Coach 22:15 23:55
Shohag Poribohon 22:15 23:55

Dhaka To Kolkata Tickets Price

Convenient and affordable bus service to travel to Kolkata. Collect AC bus tickets from Dhaka at affordable prices. You have to spend 2000 rupees to collect the ticket. You will also find low-cost non-AC buses. You can collect AC and non-AC tickets from all the counters in Dhaka. You can also book or confirm tickets online if you want.

Dhaka To Kolkata Non AC Tickets Price

Bus Name Tickets Price
Shohag Poribohon 890
Royal Coach 900
Desh Travels 900

Dhaka To Kolkata AC Tickets Prices

Bus Name Tickets Price
Green Line Poribohon 1900
Shohag Poribohon 1820
Royal Coach 1300 (Hino)

1700 (Hyundai Universe)

Desh Travels 1500
Shyamoli Poribohon 1900 (E Class)

1700 (Hyundai Universe)

Saudi Air Con 1100

Dhaka To Kolkata Online Ticket

Tickets can be easily purchased online without any hassle. Passengers who are thinking or anxious to buy tickets online from Dhaka to Kolkata. They have no reason to worry, you can go to any of the online ticket booking platforms using your laptop or computer at home and collect tickets safely. To collect tickets you must visit the official website shohoz.com or bd.com office. All bus tickets can be booked here.

 Kolkata To Dhaka All Counter Address & Contact Number

Rajarbagh Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 02-9342580, 02-9339623.

Arambagh Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 02-7192301, 01730-060009

Fokirapul Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 02-7191900, 01730-060013

Kola bagan Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 02-9133145, 01730-060006

Kallyanpur Khalek Pump Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 02-8032957, 01730-060080

Kallyanpur Sohrab Pump Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 01730-060081

Uttara Ajampur Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 01730-060075

Uttara Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 01730-060076

Badda Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 01970-060074

Norda Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 01730-060098

Golapbug Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone : 0447-8660011.

Motilal Mullick Lane, Neogipara, Ariadaha, Kolkata

  • Phone : 917044090041

Desh Travels Dhaka Counters Contact Number :

Arambagh Counters

  • Phone : 02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436

Fokirapul Counters

  • Phone : 01762-620932

Mohakhali Counters

  • Phone : 01705-430566

Uttara Ajampur Counters

  • Phone : 01762-685091

Uttara BMS Counters

  • Phone : 01762-684438

Abdullahpur Counters

  • Phone : 01762-684432

Kola bagan Counters

  • Phone : 02-9124544.01762-684431, 01709-989435

Kallyanpur Counters

  • Phone : 02-8091613, 01762-684440

Sohrab Pump Counters

  • Phone : 02-8091612, 01762-684403

Technical Counters

  • Phone : 01762-684404

Gabtoli Counters

  • Phone : 01762-684433

Savar Counters

  • Phone : 01762-684434

Shohag Poribohon Dhaka Counters :

Sayedabad Counters

  • Phone:01926-699367

Kamalapur Counters

  • Address: 64/1 A Hotel Al-Faruk.
  • Phone:01926-696262

Narayanganj Counters

  • Address: 111 Bangabandhu Road, N.Gonj
  • Phone: 01926-699368

Jonopoth Counters

  • Phone: 01926-699368

Chittagong raod Counters

  • Phone: 01926-699365

Brahman baria Counters

  • Phone: 01926-696264

Voirob Counters

  • Phone: 01926-696269

Ashugonj Counters

  • Phone: 01926-606267

Bishwa Road Counters

  • Phone: 01926-696165

Royal Coach Dhaka Counters Contact Number :

Dhaka Counter

  • Phone: 01971-396329

Arambagh Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01971-396330, 01872-723203.

Shyamoli Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01872-723209.

Kamalapur Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01971-396331, 01872-723205

Panthopath Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01971-396332, 01872-723208.

Kallyanpur Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01971-396333, 01872-723210.

Fokirapul Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01971-396334, 01872-723207.

Chittagong Road Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01872-723224.

Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01872-723212.

Gabtoli Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01872-723236.

Nobinagar Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01872-723214.

Narayanganj Counter, Dhaka

  • Phone: 01872-723222.

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