Dhaka to Kathmandu Bus- Tickets Price & Time Shedules

Are you thinking of going to a mountainous country? That means you want to go to Kathmandu. Then you can go in your bus. Because the means of going from Dhaka to Kathmandu in Bangladesh will be very comfortable and very economical. At present there are agreements between Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. You can go to Kathmandu from Dhaka. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Shyamoli bus is the means of travel from Dhaka to Kathmandu. You have to take Banglabandha bus from Fhulbari. It will then reach Kathmandu, Nepal through Bhutan. The distance from Dhaka to Kathmandu is 1200 kilometers. Kakarvita is 56 km from Banglabandha. 510 kilometers from the capital city. At the time of departure of the bus from Dhaka to Kathmandu, the bus service, price and agency have arranged all the information beautifully.

Dhaka to Kathmandu Bus

From Dhaka to Kathmandu if you want. Then you can see a lot of natural scenery along the way. Because you have to go to Siliguri first from Dhaka. You can see many beautiful hills of Siliguri. You can see many scenery while going in the beautiful natural environment. The scenes will fill your mind. Besides, the whole country is like a mountain in Kathmandu. It would be nice to see the enchanting environment of the mountains. You are thinking in your mind that it costs a lot to go to Kathmandu, Nepal. But the cost is relatively low. Because the amount of Shyamoli goes directly from Bangladesh to Kathmandu in Nepal. Thinking about your bus service, tickets and agents. No worries, because we’ll let you know how much the ticket costs and how to get there and other valuable information.



KATHMANDU Information

Total Distance ·         Frequency: ·         Travel Time: ·         Bus Fare:
639.28 km (397 miles) 2 Times/Day 15 Hours 52 Minutes 14.0 USD (~1,088.6 BDT)


Total Distance ·         Frequency: ·         Travel Time: ·         Bus Fare:
36.15 km (22 miles) NA  32 Minutes 11 USD (~858.6 BDT)


Total Distance ·         Frequency: ·         Travel Time: ·         Bus Fare:
37.15 km (23 miles) 1 Times/Day 1 Hours 2 Minutes 5.0 0USD (~388..09 BDT)


Total Distance Frequency: · Travel Time: · Bus Fare
40 km (25 miles) 1 Times/Day 35 Minutes 12.0 USD (~933.09 BDT)


Total Distance Frequency Travel Time: Bus Fare:
549.59 km (341 miles) 1 Times/Day 9 Hours 53 Minutes 8.0 USD (~622.06 BDT)

Bus Fare  Of Per Person

Fare Per Person BDT taka USD
1 Per Person 4,043 BDT 52 USD
2 Per Person 4040 BDT 102 USD
3 Per Person 1240 BDT 150 USD
4 Per Person 16160 BDT 208 USD
5 Per Person 20240 BDT 260 USD


I wish you a happy journey. If you have any information, you can contact us. And if you have any opinion, you can ask questions in the comment box. We will answer your question. Thank you.

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