Dhaka to Comilla Bus Schedule 2021- Tickets Price & Contact Number

The only way to travel from Dhaka to Comilla is by bus. You can go to Comilla from Dhaka in a very beautiful way by bus. If you travel from Dhaka to Comilla regularly. You do not know the ticket price and schedule of Comilla bus from Dhaka. In this post we will share complete information of Comilla bus from Dhaka. This includes contact numbers, ticket prices, arrival times and counter numbers. There are as many ticket counters from Dhaka to Comilla. All information will be shared with you. So if you want to buy tickets online or pick up tickets from the ticket counter. You can take it very easily. We will give you the right idea.

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Dhaka to Comilla Bus Schedule 2021

If you travel regularly from Dhaka to Comilla. You have an idea about the ticket price, but don’t know the schedule of Comilla bus from Dhaka. In this post we are sharing the complete guide line of Comilla bus from Dhaka. Notable among these is the bus schedule from Dhaka to Comilla. Also the ticket price, arrival time and ticket counter number. We will help you to know the complete information of Comilla bus route from Dhaka.

There is a lot of bamboo on Comilla Road from Dhaka. You will get some AC buses. You will get some non-AC buses. We will give the list of AC buses today and will publish the list of non-AC buses.

Dhaka to Comilla Bus Schedule List:

  1. Asia Transport
  2. Tisha Exclusive (Non AC)
  3. Asia Line / Asia Air Con (AC and Non AC
  4. BRTC Bus Service (AC)Royal Coach (AC)
  5. Prince (AC Luxury Coach)
  6. Prime (Non AC)
  7. Prince Cordova (Non AC)

Dhaka To Comilla Bus Service Details

Dhaka to Comilla is a complete highway road. This route takes two hours and 30 minutes to reach Comilla from Dhaka. Comilla road distance from Dhaka is 87 km. Many times it may take a little longer due to traffic jams. Normally Comilla can be reached in two to two and a half hours.

  • Use Road: Dhaka to Comilla Highway Road
  • Appropriate Time: 2 hour 30 Minute
  • Road Distance: Dhaka to Comilla Road Distance is 87 kilometers.

Dhaka to Comilla bus time schedule

Many AC and non-AC buses ply from Dhaka to Comilla for passenger convenience. But many have no idea when the buses travel from Dhaka to Comilla. Today we will tell them when the buses leave Dhaka for Comilla and when the last trip of each bus goes. If you know the exact time of the bus, there is no possibility of missing the bus. But if you are not aware of time, such disruption of your time will happen. It can cause a lot of suffering. So as conscious people will drive the bus knowing at the right time. Then you will save time and you can do valuable things with it.

Bus Name First Trip Last Trip
Trisha Exclusive Bus 6.00 AM 12.40 PM
Royale Coach 6.40 AM 12.30 PM
Asia Line AC Bus 7.30 AM 11.350 PM
Ekono Paribahan 6.30 AM 10.20 PM

Dhaka to Comilla  All Bus Tickets Price 2021

Bus Name

Tickets Price

Contact Number

Trisha Exclusive Bus 350 TK 019-48617154, 017-11232324
Asia Line AC Bus 350 TK 081-72642, 01709-377808
 Asia Transport 350 TK 01733-095833, 01724-189111
Royale Coach 350 TK 01782-114323, 01728-897699
Prince AC Luxury Coach: 350 TK 01844-476717,01844-476712
 Prime 300 TK Contact the counter
Prince Cordova (AC) 350 TK Contact the counter
Gramin Travels 350 TK Contact the counter
Aziz Travels 310 TK Contact the counter
Bilash Service 300 TK Contact the counter
Ahsan Enterprise 200 TK Contact the counter

Bus Counter Address & Contact Number :

There are as many buses from Dhaka to Comilla. All the counter numbers, contact numbers, contact addresses and phone numbers are arranged below.

BRTC Bus (AC) Of Dhaka to Comilla:

  • Comilla stand: BRTC Bus Depot, Station Road, Comilla
  • Contact: 081-61988, 01759-953154
  • Comilla Cantonment: 019-17428600, 018-26515499
  • Dhaka stand: BRTC Bus Depot, Kamalapur, Motijheel, Dhaka
  • Contact: 017-70493775

Trisha Exclusive Bus

The most popular bus from Dhaka to Comilla is the Tisha Exclusive Bus. Tisha can travel to Comilla by exclusive bus at very low cost and comfortably. Tisha Exclusive Bus will provide many facilities on your trip to Comilla. This is a luxurious living.

Tisha Exclusive Bus Services For Dhaka to Comilla:

  • Comilla stand: Shashon Gasa Bus Terminal
  • Contact: 019-48617154, 017-11232324, 017-11245255
  • Dhaka stand: 5th Lane, Saydabad Bus Terminal, Dhaka
  • Contact: 019-14312083, 017-31217322

Asia Line AC Bus

Asia Line buses provide the most facilities for commuting to Comilla. The King Line of Comilla route is called Asia Line Bus. This bus will take you from Dhaka to Comilla with great ease and joy.

Asia Line / Asia Air Con Bus Services:

  • Comilla stand: Shashon Gasa Bus Terminal & Jangalia Bus Terminal
  • Contact: 081-72642, 01709-377808, 01716-359563
  • Dhaka stand: Saydabad Bus Terminal
  • Contact: 01712-472412, 01923-102107, 017-16359563

 Asia Transport Bus Serivices:

  • Jangalia Bus Terminal, Comilla: 01791-560647
  • Paduar Bazar Bishwa Road, Comilla: 01733-095832
  • Comilla Cantonment: 01733-095833
  • Saydabad Bus Terminal, Dhaka: 01724-189111

Royale Coach (AC Bus Service):

  •  HOTLINE: +88-01701-289-402, 01701-289408
  • Comilla stand: Jangalia Bus Terminal, Comilla
  • Contact: +88-01782-114323, 01728-897699, 019-81002931, 019-81002934
  • Paduar Bazar, Comilla: +88-01782-114325, 019-81002939
  •  Comilla Cantonment: +88-01782-114326, 01701-289450, 019-81002940
  •  Dhaka stand: Kamalapur (near BRTC Bus Depot, Dhaka)
  • Contact: +8801782-114327, 019-81002932, 019-81002942

Thinking of traveling from Dhaka to Comilla Luxurious! That’s why Prince AC Bus is at the top of everyone’s list of choices. Those who are willing to buy AC and Luxurious non AC tickets. These luxurious buses want to find ticket counters and contact numbers. The numbers given in the form of tables are arranged for them. I wish you a happy journey all the time.

Counter Name

Contact Number

Jangalia Bus Terminal, Comilla +88-01782-114323, 01728-897699, 019-81002931, 019-81002934
Paduar Bazar, Comilla +88-01782-114325, 019-81002939
Kamalapur (near BRTC Bus Depot, Dhaka) +8801782-114327, 019-81002932, 019-81002942

HOTLINE: +88-01819-533651

Comilla stand:

  • Jangalia Bus Terminal, Paduar Bazar, Comilla: +88-01762-168261
  •  Paduar Bazar Bishwaroad: +88-01844-476716
  •  Kotbari Bus Stand, Comilla: +88-01844-476716
  •  Comilla Cantonment: +88-01844-476717

 Dhaka stand:

  • Kamalapur Counter: +88-01844-476712
  • Tikatuli (Hatkhola Road): +88-01844-476714

 Prime, Prince Cordova Non/AC Bus.

  • Comilla stand: Comilla Highway (Bishwaroad, Paduar Bazar
  • Dhaka stand: Saydabad Bus-stand

Dhaka to Comilla Online Bus Ticket Booking:

If you want to book a bus ticket online. Then we are giving you some websites. Through that website you can buy tickets online of your choice. The sites are,,, and You can safely buy Comilla to Dhaka, Dhaka to Comilla bus tickets online.

 Booking On,,, & .

If you want to book a ticket from Dhaka to Comilla online, you can easily make a safe journey by booking tickets online from this platform and So if you can buy tickets online. Then we hope you will know better.

Hopefully we have been able to explain to you the complete information on the journey from Dhaka to Comilla. Dhaka to Comilla bus schedule 2021, counter number, counter address, contact number, online bus ticket purchase. I was able to give an accurate idea about the Comilla bus schedule, ticket price and address from Dhaka. If you want to know more about bus schedule from Dhaka to Comilla. Let us know in the comment box below. We will reply you and cooperate with the necessary information. Thanks for viewing the entire post.


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