Bangladesh Domestic Airlines Ticket Price

Bangladesh Domestic Airlines ticket price 2021. Dear traveling friends, thank you for visiting Bangladesh for domestic airline ticket price. Bangladesh is developing day by day in the communication sector. That is why Bangladesh uses aircraft for fast communication in the regional region. You can go anywhere in a very short time. The only means of communication to save your precious time is the aircraft. The plane will be able to reach your destination in a very short time. That’s why many people think that air tickets are much more expensive, but comparatively very low. Today we will inform you about the price of domestic airlines tickets in the regional areas of Bangladesh. We hope you will read the full post below.

So we arranged the ticket price and complete information of Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Sylhet, Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka to Jessore and Dhaka to Syedpur Airlines beautifully. Bangladesh is one of the two airlines providing domestic flights. Among them are “Biman Bangladesh Airlines” and “US-Bangla Airlines”

If you want to travel by air to the regional places of Bangladesh, then you can travel between these two planes to the places where there are air bases in Bangladesh. Read the full post below and
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Bangladesh Domestic Airlines Ticket Price List

We have already informed you. Bangladesh has two types of flights to regional destinations. Among them are “US-Bangla Airlines” and “Bangladesh Airlines”. The national airline ticketing company of Bangladesh has fixed the ticket price. We will share the valuable information with you according to the price of that ticket. You will watch carefully.

US-Bangla Airlines ticket price

“US-Bangla Airlines” is the busiest domestic airline in Bangladesh. You can travel with “US-Bangla Airlines” and have a very comfortable journey. Tickets for “US-Bangla Airlines” cost Rs. 5000 from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, Tk. 3200, Dhaka to Sylhet tickets cost 3600 rupees and Dhaka to Jessore air tickets cost 3800 rupees and Dhaka to Chittagong air tickets cost 3700 rupees. Below is the table price of “US-Bangla Airlines” ticket.

Routes Ticket Price (Regular)
Dhaka to Sylhet 3200 BD
Dhaka to Cox Bazar 5000 BDT
Dhaka Dhaka Chittagong 3700 BDT
Dhaka to Saidpur 3200 BDT
Dhaka to Jessore 3800 BDT

 Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price:

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is a domestic airline of Bangladesh that flies to four destinations in Bangladesh. The fare from Dhaka to Chittagong, from Dhaka to Syedpur, from Dhaka to Barisal and from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. So a table is given by itself, through which information about rent is given.

Routes Ticket Price (Regular)

Dhaka to Sylhet

3200 BDT
Dhaka to Cox Bazar 5000 BDT
Dhaka Dhaka Chittagong 3200 BDT
Dhaka to Saidpur

3200 BDT

Thanks for taking a long time to see the price list post of Bangladesh Domestic Airlines tickets. If you have any feedback. About National Airlines Ticket Price Bangladesh. Then you can ask questions in our comment box. We will answer your question soon.


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