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Airtel New SIM Offer- 1 GB 9 Tk

Dear friends, today we will share with you Airtel’s new SIM offer. Airtel always brings amazing offers for customers for new connections. The new connection will provide instant 12GB internet. Especially for new connection offer 10 GB internet 9 taka. More attractive offers with 1 GB internet prepaid connection will be announced. So if you have a new SIM you can grab this offer quickly.

Airtel 9 Taka 1 GB Offer

Airtel is the most prestigious brand in Bangladesh. Airtel always comes up with exciting and surprising offers. Airtel always comes up with as many types of offers as possible. 1 GB offer at 9 rupees. This is a great offer given by Airtel. I came with internet offer for only 9 taka.

How to know Airtel 1 GB Offer

This offer is very profitable and easy. If you are eligible for this offer. But of course you will be confirmed in SMS. Airtel will offer you 1 GB internet for only 9 taka. Internet will send SMS. However, if you are not eligible for this offer, then you will not be able to buy this offer. So first you have to confirm via SMS. So you have to

dial * 212 * 809 # to check.

Airtel 9 Taka MB Offer

The MB offer at  9 TK is a great data internet plan. From this offer you will get 1 GB internet offer. This offer is very easy to accept. To get this offer you need to recharge 9 taka in your account and then you will be provided 1gb internet. You can know this offer through SMS. If you do not accept this offer. Then you can’t take the offer. So Airtel will let you know if you are included in the 9tk MB offer.

Airtel 9 Taka 1 GB Code 2021

There was a time when it was quite difficult to recharge your 9 taka. Sometimes there was no option to recharge nine taka. But to avail this offer, you do not need to recharge 9 taka from the account. Airtel has given you a solution. If you dial a code, you will get 1 GB internet for 9 taka. To avail this offer you need to dial a code. Airtel 1 GB internet 9 Taka offer code *121*889 #
9 TK 1 GB OFFER Dial   *121*889#
To get this offer you must dial the code. If you dial this code you can easily get 1 GB offer 9 taka.

Internet Balance Check

Checking the internet balance is an important task. We have to check our internet balance to be sure of this attractive offer. Sometimes we have to use the internet and find out. We will tell you how to check the internet. To know the offer balance,dial *8444*88#   or  *3#.
dial *8444*88#   or  *3#.


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