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Airtel Matching Number 2021 : Sim Price , Internet Offer & Call Rate

Welcome to Airtel Matching Number 2021. If you are interested then you can match an Airtel number with your current number. If you want to get the Airtel number, you can get the new number from Ravi Sheba and Airtel Care. We will guide you. We will give you some instructions, we will share those instructions with youIf you understand and follow the instructions properly, you will be able to purchase and use the Airtel number. All mobile users can use this number. You can choose the Airtel number and then you can buy the number.

We know that in Bangladesh, Airtel delivers internet services, bundle packages, comb packages, minute packages to the customers at very affordable and low rates. That is why the number of Airtel subscribers is increasing day by day. Airtel is currently the second largest service provider in Bangladesh. Airtel’s network is very strong from village to city. If you want to purchase the matching number of Airtel. Then read our instructions below carefully and stay with us.

Airtel Matching Number Checking Process

Customers do not have any method that customers can check Airtel number themselves. You must go to Airtel Care to check Airtel matching number. Moreover, you can through Robi service. Customers can choose the matching number. Buyers can only choose the last 6-digit to purchase Airtel matching number.

Matching Number SIM Price

The price of this SIM matching number is only 200 rupees. It will cost Airtel the money to buy a new SIM, it will cost the money to buy this SIM. You do not have to pay any extra money. With the new connection you will get many offers – and this SIM is the official price of Airtel. Youcan get some discounts from the retailer when you make a purchase. The retailer may give you some discounts from the profit portion.

Price Only 200 Taka

41 taka first recharge Offer

Activation Bonnus When you activate the SIM, you will immediately get a bonus of  5 Taka in your main account. With 50mb free internet and you can talk at 72 paisa call rate per minute. If you recharge 41 taka first then you will get extra benefits and bonus.

  • 1GB Internet at 9 TK Offer (10 Times)
  • 30 TK in Main Account (*778# or *1#)
  • 3 GB Internet at 54 TK Offer (Unlimited Times, 3 Months
  • 48 Paisa Minutes Call Rate Offer (90 Days)
  • 15 Minute Talk Time for 10 Days (*778*2525#)
  • 2 GB Free Internet for 7 Days (*8444*88# or *3#)

Airtel Free 6 GB Internet Offer 2021

Airtel customer will get 6 GB internet with SIM purchase. This 6 GB internet will get 1 GB per month. There will be no extra charge for this. Simply dial a code and you will get 1gb internet bonus. This attractive offer is only for Airtel new SIM.

So if you want to take the offer, you can dial * 121 * 889 # and you will get 1 GB internet offer. Of course you have to dial from Airtel SIM. Get 1 GB of free internet per month and up to 6 months.


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