Advertising Policy

We use Google Ads on This site ( Here is the clear Information about the Site Monetization and information collection system.  Please read the Advertising Policy clearly to learn more about what kinds of Information we collect for personalizing your Ads.

What is Ad Personalized?

Google considers ads to be personalized when they are based on previously collected or historical data to determine or influence ad selection, including a user’s previous search queries, activity, visits to sites or apps, demographic information, or location. Specifically, this would include, for example, demographic targeting, interest category targeting, remarketing, targeting Customer Match lists, and targeting audience lists uploaded in DoubleClick Bid Manager or Campaign Manager.

User Information’s for Personalized Ads:

Users browsing History, Previous Search Keyword, Cache and Cookies may be used to personalize the Google Ads. We don’t use any of this information. Only Google use these to show personal and relevant Ads to the specific user. You can control these yourself easily. Let’s check the step by step guide.

  • Make the ads you see more useful to you. Turn on Ads Personalisation to see more relevant ads on Google services and the 2+ million non-Google websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads. You can also use Ads Settings to opt out of seeing personalized ads altogether. If you opt out, you’ll still see ads, but they’ll be less relevant to you.
  • Control the information that’s used to show you ads. Go to Ads Settings to save topics you want to see ads about and see demographic details or other information that’s used to show you ads. Please note that the topics are shown only apply to YouTube right now.
  • Find out why you may see particular ads. Ads Settings can give you insight into what’s being used to show you ads, such as your demographic details and some of your interests.
  • Review blocked ads. You can view ads that you’ve blocked on Google products.

To control or setting your Ad personalized yourself, Just Visit this Link and then follow the instruction (step by step). For more details, Please contact Google Ads Support.

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